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Blaze Fast Fire'D Pizza

2015 Birch Rd #1606, Chula Vista, CA 91915

The best pizza in Chula Vista: a local guide

Saying Chula Vista is known for thin-crust pizza would only be telling half of the story as the pizza chefs of the city have in some ways developed their own kind of pie. When you're talking thin crust in Chula Vista, expect a pizza that's a cross between a New York-style pizza and a California-style pizza which is a fantastic fusion that totally works. The base of a thin crust pizza in Chula Vista doesn't have the same pliability as a New York-style pie even though it resembles it size-wise. It's a lot crispier though not as crunchy as the base of a St Louis-style pizza. The California-style factor is incorporated in the choice of toppings used which are mainly products from the state like fresh vegetables and locally produced meat and cheese. While the type of pie you get in Chula Vista has yet to be recognized across the country, it probably won't be too long before Chula Vista-style pizza has its own Wikipedia page and can be found as far afield as Washington or New York.

Best delivery pizza in Chula Vista, California

It's understandable to expect any delivery pizza you order to be good, but just being good isn't always enough. When you want the very best delivery pizza in Chula Vista you need to order one from D'Lish Gourmet Pizza and Pasta. Their pizzas never disappoint and arrive on time too. D'Lish Gourmet Pizza and Pasta is a pizzeria and deli in the Terra Nova Plaza mall which is on East H Street. It has the look of a typical Italian trattoria and their pizzas are made along the same theme – traditional Italian. One outstanding pizza they bake is their Four Seasons which carries different ingredients on each quarter. D'Lish's Meatzilla is definitely one not to miss if you're a dedicated meat eater. It comes loaded with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, three types of sausage, and meatballs. If you're a fan of Mediterranean food go for the Spanakopita and after one bite of this spinach and feta pie you'll be transported to Greece.

Best takeout pizza in Chula Vista, California

There's no shortage of things to do in Chula Vista and that's a fact. If you've been out enjoying the sunshine while bird spotting at the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge who can blame you for not wanting to cook when you get home? You can pick up the best take-out pizza in Chula Vista from a pizzeria over on Telegraph Canyon Road called the Giant Pizza King. Giant Pizza King occupies a moderately sized premises at the front of a small mall. Most of the pizza menu they offer is displayed on posters stuck to the windows so you'll be able to decide what pie you want before you go in. That's a bonus as the interior décor isn't something that would entice you to take a seat for any length of time. The double bonus is that these guys bake quickly so your chosen pizza will be ready before you know it.

Best pizza near Chula Vista, California

San Diego

Head north out of Chula Vista following the gentle curve of San Diego Bay and after about ten miles you'll be arriving in San Diego itself. It's a city with something for everyone. Kids will go crazy if you take them to SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego Zoo, or the San Diego Safari Park. The USS Midway Museum makes for an interesting and educational visit as does the San Diego Museum of Art. Go back in time to the city's origins by taking a stroll around the Old Town or look to the future by browsing the exhibits at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. For a breath of fresh air, pick up a pizza from Bronx Pizza on Washington Street and have a picnic in Balboa Park.


Set the destination on your navigational app for Bonita and as you drive the five miles it takes to get there, you'll be able to begin to appreciate the California countryside. Pick up a take-out pizza from Sbarro's on Plaza Bonita Road and drive on up to the Sweetwater Summit Regional Park. There's over five hundred acres of open space to explore. Have an outdoor workout on the exercise course, then take a leisurely stroll along the creek and around the lake. On the way you'll pass clusters of lakeside picnic tables where you can sit and eat in full view of the water. Your pizza may well have gotten cold by then, but it'll still taste just as good.

National City

If your vehicle has just about had its glory days and you need to start looking for a new one, combine that tedious task with a day out in National City, but make sure you wear some walking shoes. National City is just a couple of miles from Chula Vista so easy enough to get to even if your car is about to die on you. Park up and take a stroll through the outdoor showroom of the Mile of Cars along the seafront promenade before stopping for a pizza at Napoleone's Pizza House on National City Boulevard. The rest of the day can be better spent by paying a visit to the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

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