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The best pizza in Dublin: a local guide

Long before the city of Dublin was established, the Amador Valley region and the land that is present-day Dublin had been inhabited by Native American tribes that lived on the banks of local streams and the large marsh in the area. What made the city a prominent place from its early days was its location on the crossroads of the San Francisco Bay Area, meaning that it was a route used by traders, explorers, tourists, farmers, vehicles, and so on. In addition, the abundant wildlife and water bodies in the area made the area even more attractive to outsiders. Today, Dublin remains a bubbling city with plenty of attractions, parks, scenic spaces, natural features, and a diverse community that welcomes young and old to explore its beauty. History buffs can visit the 1856 Murray Schoolhouse for insight into some aspects of the city’s past, while outdoor fun lovers get to choose which of the parks they’d like to explore. All in all, there’s something for everyone here and there’s no such thing as a boring time.

Dublin is known for Thin Crust pizza

Dublin is home to lots of pizza, so if you’re one of those that love this Italian meal, you’ll feel right at home in the city, be you a resident or visitor. Of all the pies that you’ll find in the pizzerias here, the one that’s most common is thin-crust pie. Interestingly, the residents are very peculiar about the thinness of the crust, and a little less about the texture of the crust, which is why you’ll notice that most of the pies here are either New York-style pies, California pies, or Neapolitan-style pies. Their mood essentially dictates the particular one they’ll go for. As for the sauce and cheese, the locals have a preference, so if you want to really get them to dig your pie, ensure the cheese is either mozzarella, ricotta, feta, or parmesan; while the sauce should be tomato, with some leeway for BBQ and garlic. The more the toppings here, the merrier.

Best Delivery Pizza in Dublin

Every day of the week, there are top-quality ingredients available at Amici’s East Coast’s Pizzeria waiting for you to simply place an order for delivery so that the pizzaiolos will whip them together to make your desired meal. For more than two decades, the restaurant has been consistently raising the bar on what first-class pizza delivery should be, which is why you should consider requesting lunch or dinner from here if you haven’t already. Thanks to the very robust pizza menu here, the chance that you won’t find what you’re craving is very slim, and even so, you can always create your own unique pie. As a result, you can count on Amici’s to deliver your pie on time, and also have the particular dish you want. Some of the popular pies here include NY cheese pizza, Boston pizza, and Sicilian pizza. Feel free to get yours now on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Dublin

Any time Patxi’s Pizza is mentioned in Dublin, what immediately comes to mind for the locals is great pizza and amazing service. That’s simply because the restaurant has been treating the folks in the city to wonderful pies for longer than they can remember. It’s why no one ever feels too tired, lazy, or busy to grab takeout pizza here as they know that the trip will be definitely worth it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Neapolitan pie specials you go for or the deep dish specials because the result is the same – a fine and memorable experience. Feel free to build your own pie when placing an order for your pie from here and you’re in for a treat. Just in case you didn’t know, the pizzaiolos have a knack for satisfying every customer through diligent adherence to their order. The restaurant itself is a work of art as it features great seating and lighting, as well as a patio area. Order on Slice now.

Best Pizza Near Dublin

San Ramon

The city of San Ramon, north of Dublin, used to be home of the Seunen people who lived here until the late 1700s when the land was occupied by settlers and explorers. The city attracts sightseers and tourists every year thanks to its beautiful natural features and rich history. Some of the places to see here include the San Ramon Library, Forest Home Farms, and Memorial Park, while the premier location for top-class pizza is A-Town Pizza & Kabob House on San Ramon Valley Boulevard.


If it’s only one thing you’ll have enough time for in the city of Pleasanton, make sure it’s a trip to Pizza Guys on Pimlico Drive for one of their delicious New York-style pizzas with signature red tomato sauce on original crust. With more time on your hands for additional activities here, head over to Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park where you can hike, cycle, ride on horseback, and of course, catch breathtaking views of the Livermore Valley.


One of the pizzerias that stands out in Livermore is Bella Roma Pizza on East Stanly Boulevard and that’s the case because they have the most delicious thin crust and deep-dish pies in the city. The pizzeria is a regular for the residents and a must-visit for guests. Livermore welcomes recreation enthusiasts too to check out the vibrant downtown area, enjoy movies and performing arts, and take tours through historically-significant buildings and sites. Put simply, this is the ideal location for a vacation.

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