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The best pizza in Fairfield: a local guide

Nine times out of ten, unless you order a specialty pie in Fairfield, you'll be served one that's right on par with a traditional Italian one. Maybe it's because many of the city's residents enjoy that comforting taste of home after being overseas or then again maybe not. Who knows for sure why, but thick crust pizza is the one Fairfield has become known for.

A thick crust pizza is much more appetite satisfying than a thin base pie and so perfect for quelling those ravenous hunger pangs when they appear. Thick crust usually comes layered with the sauce first, followed by the toppings and cheese. It's a great method of keeping things like pepperoni, bacon or peppers from overcooking and charring in the pizza oven's high temperatures. The cheese gets a good melt on it too so you can always expect some stringy bits when you take a bite, and that's all part and parcel of what makes pizza so much fun to eat.

Best delivery pizza in Fairfield, California

When you give yourself the day off from slaving over a hot stove and decide to order in a pie for dinner, you'll want one that meets your exacting culinary standards. Order from the Pizza Guys on North Texas Street and you'll get the best delivery pizza in Fairfield.

The Pizza Guys are true professionals when it comes to making the dough and then constructing the layers of a pizza and they have the snazzy uniforms to prove it. It may be a chain pizzeria, but their pies are hand-crafted every time and topped with quality ingredients so there's never any need to worry about the freshness of what you're consuming. Nothing stays in their fridges for long, as they knock out so many delivery pizzas in Fairfield they have to restock on an almost daily basis. There's nothing better than that to assure you what you're getting in the box is going to be good.

Best takeout pizza in Fairfield, California

Eating on the go isn't always good for the digestion, but can be a frequent and necessary evil especially when you're busy at work. Save your gut, and spending a fortune on antacid tablets, by getting the best take-out pizza in Fairfield from Straw Hat Pizza.

Straw Hat Pizza has family-friendly premises on the outskirts of the city on Horizon Drive. There's a tree-lined parking lot out front as well as across the road from the pizzeria so you'll always find somewhere to leave your car.

Browsing all the intriguing film-related photos and memorabilia on the walls inside will keep you happily occupied while you're waiting for your pie to cook. You won't have long though as they're pretty on the ball at Straw Hat particularly when it comes to topping combinations. Try either a Lemon Chicken or the Works and you'll be feeling pretty smug for thinking of going there in the first place.

Best pizza near Fairfield, California


Napa is a picturesque city around twenty miles north-west of Fairfield with a very European atmosphere. The Napa River runs through the city and there's a scenic waterway along part of it, lined with colorful buildings that's the perfect place for a leisurely stroll. Sit down somewhere there to ponder life while sampling a glass of wine produced in the nearby Napa Valley before trying a pie from Filippi's Pizza Grotto on 1st Street.


You'd be hard-pushed to find a good reason to go to Vacaville unless it was the weekend when the city puts its party hat on. The Vacaville Fiesta Days are one big carnival from start to finish and great entertainment for all the family. The fun starts with a street parade and continues with unusual events like the Whiskerino beard competition as well as live music day and night. Grab a take-out pizza from Pietro's No1 and don't miss any of the action.

American Canyon

When you can't decide if you'd prefer some time in the great outdoors or at an amusement park, head just fifteen miles south-west from Fairfield to American Canyon and you can do both on the same trip. American Canyon is a city on the border of the Lynch Canyon Open Space and four miles north of the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. Whichever you choose, having a pie from Round Table Pizza on Main Street will end your day out in style.

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