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The best pizza in Lake Forest: a local guide

Many of the first pizza restaurants to open in the Lake Forest were owned by Americans with Italian roots. So, it’s fair to say that the immigrants from Europe might have indirectly influenced the introduction of pizza to Lake Forest. However, this influence does not extend to the type of pizza being consumed in the area, as residents have frequently shown a bias towards New York-style pizza. That is not to say that other pizza styles are uncommon, as the Sicilian, and Neapolitan pizza also have their share of fame. New York-style pizza is made from a large hand-tossed thin crust and finished with tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese as toppings. This pizza type was inspired by Neapolitan-style pizza, and the thick crust edges remain a shared characteristic. The distinct crust of the pie is usually made from high-gluten bread flour, and it is traditionally baked in a coal-fired oven. The slices fold in half easily for eating.

Best Pizza Delivery in Lake Forest

Are you stuck at home with an empty stomach? You can have your choice of pie brought to your doorstep in no time. While a few pizzerias offer this service, Brizio's Pizza is a level above everyone else. They made headlines with their Chicago-style pie, which is a shift in the pizza styles on offer in Lake Forest. They offer both thin-crust and deep-dish pan pizzas. Their prices are reasonable and the delivery time is quick. Your delicious pizza will be in your arms in no time. At Brizio’s, you don't have to eat the Margarita Pizza each time you place an order, as you can get creative with your choices. For a change, you can try the Combo Pizza, which is like a supreme, or the Artichoke Blanco Pizza with artichokes, chicken, cheese, and a white sauce. Luckily, their excellent culinary skill is not limited to pizza, as their menu is blessed with other fantastic meals. Some of these delicacies include salads, sandwiches, and pasta.

Best Pizza Takeout in Lake Forest

In Lake Forest, get a delicious slice of pizza at Aroma Pizza & Pasta, and inject energy into that activity you plan to take on afterward. While their tasty pie is a huge plus, the restaurant's takeout service has remained excellent over the years. So, swing by their location on Alton Parkway to grab the mouthwatering meal that your day has been missing. Aroma Pizza tries to give great pizza options to everyone. You can get a gluten-free, cauliflower, or vegan cheese pizza if that’s your preference. The specialty pizza choices include unique choices like the Black Truffle Burrata Pizza and the Rigo’s Spicy Pizza with sauteed tomatoes, onions, serrano peppers, and shredded chicken. Oh, and of course, mozzarella cheese. Although Aroma's pizza is a wonder, you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you neglect the pasta and other yummy foods they offer. These meals include salads, calzones, and different meatballs.

Best Pizza Near Lake Forest


Carefully planned from its inception, Irvine is a city in Orange County. The master-planned town is home to several schools of higher education. Whether you are a student or an adult, you can't be utterly immune to the enticing effects of pizza. If you decide to give in to temptation, Ameci Pizza & Pasta should be your go-to restaurant to satisfy your cravings. Make sure you add one of their gourmet pizzas to your order. They have ones for vegetarians, meat lovers, and even one called the Eggplant Delight.

Laguna Hills

Another city in Orange County, Laguna Hills, shares its border with Lake Forest. Predictably, the city got this name due to its proximity to the Laguna Canyon and Laguna Beach. Watch the waves while you savor your favorite pie from The Pizza Store. While it’s not news that the restaurant’s pizza is delicious, you can also try other fantastic options, such as the wings or the super salad.

Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is another master-planned city located in Orange County, California. This place is primarily residential, exuding a suburban feel to its locals. Flippin' Pizza has the best pie that Mission Viejo has to offer. The restaurant's menu is varied and provides an array of classic pizzas, salads, calzones, and desserts. While their delivery service is unrivaled in the area, picking up your order at their restaurant is equally satisfying.

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