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California is a dream destination to visit for people who love adventure and technology. Being a place where many technological inventions are made, California attracts many people to the state, and some people have settled in Lincoln. Lots of different cuisines are popular in Lincoln; however, pizza is common here as it is in other states. Pizza became famous in 1980 when two restaurants started making California-style pizza, and it became a household name for every pizza enthusiast. Italian and New York visitors introduced pizza to this state when they decided to settle in Lincoln permanently. California's food and pizza lovers celebrate various food festivals such as Avocado Festival, California Artisan Cheese Festival, and National Pizza Day, allowing food enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite meals. Lincoln is home to learning institutions and other business hubs that make people aged 21 and above settle here. These people tend to be pizza enthusiasts, which makes the pizza business grow. Most pizzerias in Lincoln still use the wood-fired oven, while others have started using gas ovens.

The best pizza in Lincoln: a local guide

California has established itself in a firm pizza business position, which has led to the invention of a local pizza style. California-style pizza was introduced in 1980 by two pizza chefs Wolfgang Puck and Ed LaDou. The style incorporates New York and Italian styles, making a super blend. A California-style pizza is a thin crust pizza that uses nontraditional toppings instead of mozzarella or pepperoni. The pizza style uses toppings such as avocado, goat cheese, artichoke hearts, and veggie options. The style has become popular, and most pizzerias on the West Coast have crafted their preparation skills. You can enjoy a delectable California-style pizza from any pizzeria in Lincoln, and you are assured of an unforgettable experience. The style was perfected by Italian immigrants who settled in Lincoln, and now most pizzerias have copied the style, and they are making tasty pizzas for the residents. You can enjoy a California-style pizza while in Lincoln by ordering on Slice, and you will feel the magic California offers.

Best Delivery Pizza in Lincoln, California

You can enjoy a pizza without getting out of your house by ordering online. Delivery pizza is now available in most pizzerias in Lincoln, and they are making quick responses. Mountain Mike’s Pizza has been serving Lincoln residents with tasty pizzas for over 40 years. They make world-class pizzas which have enabled them to grow and expand their menu offerings. The pizzeria in Lincoln is one among over 200 branches of Mountain Mike’s Pizza in California. The pizzeria offers a family-friendly atmosphere in their pizza making and serving, ensuring you enjoy every piece of your pizza. The pizzeria uses fresh ingredients and vegetables in preparing their pizza. The pizzeria allows customers to customize their pizza, ensuring you get a delivery pizza of your taste. Mountain Mike’s Pizza offers California-style pizza and other types which are always delicious. The pizzeria also offers classic cheese pizza, gluten-free pizza, subs, sides, and classic and boneless wings. You will enjoy all these dishes and many more at a pocket-friendly price when ordering on Slice. For a tasty and fast delivery pizza in Lincoln, consider ordering on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Lincoln, California

Pizza Guys Lincoln is a renowned name for offering delicious and fast takeout pizza in town. The pizzeria has served Lincoln residents with quality and delectable pizzas since 1986. You can choose the pizza type you want to enjoy and order on Slice to take out to home or work. The pizzeria uses fresh and high-quality ingredients to make their pizzas, either baked in a wood-fired or gas oven. It allows the pizza to stay fresh, and the authentic taste is maintained. Pizza Guys Lincoln make some of the best California-style Pizzas, which you can order on your way home. They offer a wide variety of pizzas, such as gluten-free, vegetarian pizza, Texas BBQ pizza, and much more. Pizza Guys Lincoln also offers desserts, pasta, salads. The prices for the pizzas and other dishes are affordable for all budgets in Lincoln. The pizzeria packages their pizzas well, ensuring they don’t get spoiled while in transit. Enjoy an unforgettable takeout pizza experience after ordering on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Lincoln


The town lies a few miles southeast of Lincoln and is home to some amazing pizzerias making delicious meals. Fast Freddie’s Pizza & Pasta makes some delectable California-style pizza and other types that the residents have enjoyed for years. The pizzeria also offers lunch specials, sides, rolls, calzones, kid’s menu, strombolis and much more. The pizzeria uses fresh ingredients sourced from the local market to make their pizzas. The pizzas are baked in wood-fired ovens, which help bring the authenticity of pizza. Fast Freddie’s Pizza & Pasta has affordable prices when ordering on Slice, and you can enjoy yours either as delivery or takeout.


Roseville is located eleven miles south of Lincoln and has pizzerias that offer tasty pizzas for their customers. Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist has been Roseville’s treasure for years. The pizzeria offers different types of pizza with more emphasis on California-style pizza. You can also enjoy breadsticks, wings, pasta, subs, Naan pizza twists and more. You can also customize your pizza when making an order on Slice. The pizzeria has pocket-friendly prices for their delicious meals, which you can order for delivery or takeout.


The town is situated west of Lincoln and makes some delicious vegan pizzas and other styles. Springs Italian Café is a hidden gem for Auburn residents when choosing the best place to order a pizza. The pizzeria follows Italian traditions in making their pizza to ensure the authenticity of the meal. Springs Italian Café uses fresh ingredients from the market to prepare their pizzas, leaving you with the urge to order more. The pizzeria also offers veggie pizzas, pasta, calzones, starters and more.

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