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Menlo Park is a city at the eastern edge of San Mateo County within the San Francisco Bay Area of California. It borders the well-known Silicon Valley city of Palo Alto and the scenic San Francisco Bay. Menlo Park is a little upscale community with beautiful homes and a quaint fairy-tale setting. Menlo Park is one of the most inviting communities. It is surrounded by many fun and lively locations like downtown Palo Alto and Redwood City while remaining a quiet and cozy place to live. There is such a large diversity in food and restaurant choices in the area. Within one block, you can visit a French cafe, a pizza joint, a Mediterranean restaurant, a fancy Chinese place, or even a Mexican restaurant. For the pizza fans in the crowd, there is also a wide variety of Italian eateries and affordable pizzerias strategically located within the city limits.

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Menlo Park is Known for Neapolitan Pizza

As the world knows, Neapolitan pizza originates from Naples, Italy. The pizza is distinctly thin and topped with mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, and basil. With a little bit of olive oil often added in. Authentic Neapolitan pizza dough is prepared from highly refined wheat flour and brewer's yeast as a raising agent. It is kneaded and shaped by hand without necessarily using a mixer or rolling it out. Once the dough is ready, it bakes in a wood-fired oven that reaches up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. If the oven is hot enough, well-trained pizza chefs can cook your pizza in as little as 60 seconds. While this style of pizza needs some charring for appearance and flavor, if you leave it in too long, it will quickly burn. Characteristically, the pizza turns out thin at the base, with puffy dough at the edges and a slight charring on the bottom and the air bubbles. In Menlo Park, pizzerias have variations in the toppings they use on their pizza. Some offer a wider selection of toppings, while others offer a blend of cheeses in place of mozzarella and pomodoro sauce in place of San Marzano tomatoes.

Best Delivery Pizza in Menlo Park

Round Table Pizza is a locally founded and locally owned chain pizzeria serving a variety of excellent slices in a simple space. If you need a restaurant where you can order pizzas after school or work, this is the right place. The service is unbeatable, the food is impressive, and the staff is consistently friendly. Additionally, if you love historical places, you will appreciate the Round Table Pizza restaurant in Menlo Park. It happens to be the very first Round Table Restaurant ever. The pizzeria uses fun names for their pizzas, and most have a Knights of the Round Table theme. The dough is handmade and rolled out in-house daily. The crust is layered with a three-cheese blend and zesty red sauce. Diners have a selection of over 20 different toppings. Round Table Pizza makes pizza using quality ingredients, which you can tell from a single bite. If you love numerous toppings on your pizza, you will love their King Arthur Supreme pizza. The pizza is not only satisfying to look at, but it is also undeniably flavorful. Round Table Pizza also does excellent sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

Best Takeout Pizza in Menlo Park

The best takeout in Menlo Park is at Five Star Pizza. Every time you walk in to pick up your pizza, you won’t believe how attentive and friendly the service is. Suffice it to say that their name is apt. Five Star Pizza focuses on specialty pies, Indian-style fusion pizza, gluten-free pizzas, and other Italian entrees. The specialty pizzas have a selection of base sauces from red tomato to basil pesto and creamy garlic. Their Indian-fusion pizzas have either a red masala sauce or a creamy garlic masala sauce. Add this to the selection of toppings, and the options are endless. If you need your pizza to be gluten-free, you can choose to have any of the specialty or Indian-fusion combinations on this type of crust. If the wide variety of pizzas isn’t enough for you, Five Star Pizza also does oven-baked sandwiches, juicy burgers, and pasta dishes. Need to feed a large group? No problem - they also do catering. Just make sure to give them two hours notice to prepare your order.

Best Pizza Near Menlo Park

Redwood City

Redwood City is a small area tucked in between busy cities but has retained a modern charm. Located in Silicon Valley, people have easy access to work and recreation opportunities at the local beach, forests, and parks. If you drive by Redwood, be sure to stop at Pronto Pizza. If you like a Seafood Pizza, Pronto Pizza gets it right! The pizza is perfect for pescatarian-friendly pizza cravings, made with the best seafood toppings. Even without sauce, it is still delicious. On the other hand, if you are not a seafood fanatic, a signature thin-crust Pronto Pizza would be a safe and tasty choice. It has ricotta cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and garlic that is sauteed fresh.

San Mateo

San Mateo has a vibrant downtown full of restaurants. The close-knit community regularly enjoys the city’s beautiful parks and scenery. From the Fall Chili Cook-off to the Winter Ice Skating Park in Central Park, there is always something interesting and new to do here. North Beach Pizza is an old-fashioned booth-lined pizzeria that specializes in crisp-crust pizzas. Their pizzas are made with hand-spun dough layered with whole milk mozzarella cheese, fresh ingredients, and a selection of non-traditional sauces. The pizzeria offers thin or thick crust choices and gluten-free pizza dough on a 12" thin crust.


Belmont is a quiet and friendly city home to excellent public schools, family-friendly activities, and healthy living. There are beautiful trails and recreation opportunities everywhere you look.
Village Host Pizza & Grill should be a top item on your to-do list on your getaway to Belmont. The restaurant serves a pizza crust worthy of five stars. It’s fluffy on the inside, with a perfect golden brown bottom. They ensure their toppings blend perfectly with the dough to bring out the full flavor. A must-try at Village Host is the Village Combination Pizza. With pepperoni, beef, salami, and sausage coupled with four different veggies, your stomach will thank you!


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