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The best pizza in Montebello: a local guide

Montebello was formed in 1899 as an agricultural city. Residents were engaged in cultivating vegetables, fruit, flowers, and other plants. At the beginning of the 19th century, oil deposits were discovered here. So, oil became the primary source of income for the townspeople, and agriculture remained secondary. In the 20th century, the city became an attractive place to live for families and young people due to its convenient location, developed infrastructure, accessibility to Los Angeles, and general good quality of life. Montebello is home to a significant Armenian community who settled here in the late 19th century and brought their customs, food traditions, and recipes to the city. There are several restaurants with Armenian cuisine, but most eateries specialize in American, Mexican, and Italian cuisine, including pizzerias. There are few sophisticated Italian restaurants in Montebello with a classy interior and a festive atmosphere, but most pizzerias are casually decorated, suitable for informal family dinners and takeout.

Montebello is Known for California-style Pizza

Montebello hosts many pizza styles, but California-style pizza is the most common. Its crust combines a thin Italian crust and a New York one. It has been prepared here for over 40 years and is still the number one pizza in all local restaurants. In Montebello, California-style pizza doesn’t have a specific recipe but rather a whole direction. It has its own style and a delicious mixture of Italian, French, and Mexican cuisine. California-style pizza samples certain aspects from the different cuisines that inspired it to result in something unique. The dough is similar to Neapolitan pizza, the sauces are exotic and often Mexican-inspired, and exquisite meat and fish are reminiscent of French cuisine. Local California-style pizza enthusiasts are considered true pizza gourmets. They prefer toppings with the most refined ingredients – artichokes and avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, and Italian cold cuts.

Best Delivery Pizza in Montebello

Gina’s Pizzeria is an independent neighborhood pizzeria that makes Montebello's best pizza for delivery. In operation since 1984, Gina’s Pizzeria has a loyal clientele that places orders regularly. On the menu, you will find only six types of pizza. That means Gina’s Pizzeria doesn’t chase quantity but instead concentrates on quality. The dough is prepared daily from high-quality ingredients and baked using a secret recipe that few can replicate. Gina’s offers a giant size that can feed everyone to accommodate larger groups and big families. Their Veggie Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and Margherita Pizza are all crowd-pleasers. Besides pizza, there are other delicious dishes included on the menu, which they can also deliver to your door. These are chicken dishes, pasta, appetizers, and much more. You’ll receive your order hot and just as you requested.

Best Takeout Pizza in Montebello

Tony’s Italian Deli it’s a family-owned delicatessen shop that, aside from selling gourmet food, makes the best pizza for takeout in Montebello. They have been in business for more than 40 years and have easily managed to become a legendary pizza spot. There are just a few New York-style pizza options on the menu to entice you. The dough is airy, and the sauce is well-balanced and flavorful. The Tony’s Special Pizza, which includes 24 slices of cheese smothered pizza, is a fantastic deal for a large group. Feel free to customize the basic pizza with any toppings you want. Additionally, they cook hot Italian dishes daily and bake fresh bread. Tony’s Deli is also famous for its friendly staff and fast service as well as reasonable prices. Regardless of what you choose, Italian warmth and American generosity are felt in each dish. If you don’t want to pick up the order personally, you can order delivery.

Best Pizza near Montebello

Monterey Park

Jay’s Pizza is a family-owned restaurant with the best pizza in Monterey Park. The menu features different crusts and toppings, from vegan pizzas to Supreme meat options. The prices will positively surprise you, while the quality will justify any price. There are also daily specials and special offers which can be a good deal. If you are looking for a delicious pizza experience in a cozy environment, you need to come here!

Pico Rivera

G Pizza is a local pizzeria that serves the best pizza in Pico Rivera. If you don’t know where to find the most delicious pizza, come to G Pizza and try their delicious pies made from scratch. Here they pay special attention to the preparation of the dough as it is the basis of high-quality and tasty pizza. The flour is mixed with water, high-quality sea salt, fresh yeast, and hand-tossed. This method provides a very light and airy pizza crust perfect to be topped however you want.


If you are looking for a place where you can eat a delicious pizza and plunge into the Italian atmosphere, head to Rose City Pizza in nearby Rosemead. The restaurant's interior is modern, with gray walls decorated and contemporary paintings that improve the mood and give guests a feeling of warmth and comfort. The menu has various pizza styles with an excellent draught beer list.

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