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The best pizza in Palm Desert: a local guide

Palm Desert, California is a pizza paradise for both the residents of the city and every tourist that visits the Palm Springs area for fun and adventures. This is because there are lots of pizza types available to cater to the diverse preferences of all that enjoy the food. For instance, if you love New York-style pizza, California pizza, or Margherita pizza, you’ll find it here. However, one pizza type that stands out in the city is New England pizza, popularly called Greek Pizza. This style of pie features a puffy crust and plenty of cheese, and originated in New England in the northeastern part of the country, but made its way to the city and has become the most fancied by the locals. The two most common sauce options are pesto sauce and tomato sauce; cheese is either mozzarella or feta, while toppings include artichoke hearts, onions, and red roasted peppers, among others.

Best Delivery Pizza in Palm Desert

Whether you’re at home, at work, or in your hotel room, whenever you’re craving pizza in Palm Desert and you want it delivered to you, the pizzeria to place the order from is no other than Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill. Well, that’s if you want the best pizza delivery in the city, and why wouldn’t you, anyway? After all, you’ll want your pie prepared according to your specifications, cooked with the finest and freshest ingredients, handled by the best chefs in the region, beautifully packaged, delivered hot and promptly, and of course, tasting better than you imagined. If that’s the case, then it’s a no-brainer. Whether it’s your first time ordering or you’re a regular, the quality of the pie will surprise you and make you look forward to your next order, and you can be sure they’re consistent. That’s why they’re the best in town.

Best Takeout Pizza in Palm Desert

Wherever you are in Palm Desert, if you’re in the mood for pizza and you’d rather have takeout, then you better head over to Bill’s Pizza. If by any chance you didn’t know where to go, now you know and won’t ever need reminding. Everyone who gets takeout pizza from here never has to worry about it ever again because you instantly become a regular after your first experience, and that’s down to a lot of reasons. The moment you arrive at the casual-looking restaurant which may almost deceive you into thinking there isn’t much to the place, step in to pick up your pie and you’ll immediately feel the coolness about the place. The sweet aroma that fills the pizzeria is another thing to note, besides the fact that your pie will be to die for from the moment you take your first bite. One more thing, their pies have the most fascinating names - Elton John Pizza, Delilah Pizza, Bacon Me Crazy Pizza, Nicolas Cage Pizza, The Comeback, etc.

Best Pizza Near Palm Desert

Palm Springs

Palm Springs lies northwest of Palm Desert and has something for everyone, be you a lover of nature, arts and culture, music and festivals, or outdoor activities. The natural wonders in the city are more than enough to blow your mind, from the beautiful deserts to the canyons, natural oases, and waterfalls. Hikers always have a swell time here, so there’s plenty to do. As for the food, you’ll get the best pizza in town at Palermo’s New York Pizza on South El Cielo Road.


Head east to the city of Indio, popular in the region as the city of festivals for all the excitement you’ve ever imagined. From the food, to the music, arts, sports, and hotels, this city has it all and only features the best of them. There’s no way you’ll be in town and not find one event or festival that will excite you, so get ready for that. After a long day, retire at Round Table Pizza on Highway 111 for dinner.

La Quinta

If you decide to visit the city of La Quinta, south of Palms Springs, then make sure you explore the beautiful streets at Old Town, pick up a skill or two at Old Town Artisan Studios, and hike the trails that pass through the canyons and desert mountains here. Each activity will be an unforgettable one for you, rest assured. Whenever you’re hungry, head over to Sabatinos Pizza Pasta & Wings and request for the house special to pamper your taste buds.

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