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The best pizza in Spring Valley: a local guide

Spring Valley is a census-designated town located in the eastern section of San Diego County, California. Spring Valley has a population of approximately 28000 people as recorded by the United States census in 2010. From 1970 until 1990, Spring Valley included what is now called La Presa, which is another census-designated place to the south of Spring Valley. Most locals will refer to La Presa as part of Spring Valley.

There are plenty of things to do in Spring Valley like visiting the Water Conservation Garden, visiting the Bancroft Ranch House Museum, the Sweetwater River Trail, the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, Lamar County Park, Lemon Grove Historical Society, Mother Miguel Mountain, or Upper Otay Reservoir.

There are also plenty of restaurants, local eateries, and other places to spend some time or afternoon. Here, we like to focus on pizzerias! So read on to find out what our picks are for the best pizza delivery, the best pizza takeout, and the best specialty pizzas in and around Spring Valley.

Spring Valley is known for California-style pizza

Although California-style pizza is not a nationwide treasure like New York City-style pizza or Chicago deep-dish pizza, it is loved deeply in its home state of California. California-style pizza is the combination of elements from Italian thin-crust pizzas and New York City-style pizzas.

California-style pizzas are influenced by Italian thin-crust pizzas in their shape and their size. Italian thin-crust pizzas are typically made smaller than their other pizza counterparts. Italian thin-crust pizzas are what we would consider a personal pizza. They are just enough food for one or two meals for one person. And of course, they have a thin crust.

California-style pizzas are influenced by NYC pizzas in their flavors and their loads of toppings. California-style pizzas love a lot of toppings. If you have never had a California-style pizza, then you should know that California pizza often has unique or unheard-of topping combinations.

Best pizza delivery in Spring Valley

Pizza delivery is one of the best inventions of the 20th Century. Imagine how awful life must have been before you could call the pizzeria and have fantastic pizza delivered to your door? Giant Pizza King on Elkelton Boulevard is the place to go for fantastic delivery in Spring Valley. They have a $5 to $9 delivery fee and have no minimum spending requirement for delivery orders. Delivery time is typically 50 to 65 minutes depending on your order, your location, and how busy Giant Pizza King is.

Some of the favorites here at Giant Pizza King are the Alfredo Sauce Pizza (alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, chicken, and parmesan cheese), The Deluxe pizza, (pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, red onions, mushrooms, green bell peppers, and black olives) and the chicken BBQ Pizza.

Giant Pizza King has many other menu items including salads, side orders, and wings. Check out their menu online or in-store. You can order from Giant Pizza King online, in-store, or over the phone.

Best pizza takeout in Spring Valley

If pizza take-out is more your style, then visit Narah’s Pizza on Jamacha Boulevard. At Narah's Pizza, you can get delicious pizza in 15 to 30 minutes. They have no minimum spending requirement and short wait times. They often have deals and coupons available online, so make sure to check them out online or ask about deals in-store.

Here, they sell delicious pizzas like The Works pizza, which is loaded up with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ham, onions, sausage, bell peppers, black olives, garlic, and mushrooms, as well as the Garlic Valley Pizza which is topped with grilled chicken, mushrooms, red onion, tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, and finished with a creamy garlic sauce.

Narah's Pizza also offers appetizers like chicken nuggets, french fries, garlic bread, Caesar salad, antipasto, and an assortment of other menu items such a stromboli and calzone. Check out their full menu and order online, in-store, or over the phone today.

Best pizza near Spring Valley

National City

National City is home to Pizza Grande, a delicious pizzeria that serves hot and delicious slices to their community. They are a classic, low-key pizzeria that serves traditional pizzeria classics like pepperoni, cheese, and meat lovers. They offer a variety of value meals and combo deals. Stop by Pizza Grande today to get an affordable and delicious meal.

La Mesa

Giant Bambino's Pizza II in La Mesa is the best place to go for delicious pizza in La Mesa. They offered delicious plain cheese pizza, design your own pizzas, as well as delicious gourmet pizzas like the pesto sauce pizza which is topped with chicken, onions, bell peppers, and artichokes.

Chula Vista

The best place to go for pizza in Chula Vista is Pizzo’s Pizzeria. Here they have plenty of beer and wine selections as well as delicious authentic, and gourmet pizzas. They also offer delicious pasta dishes and salads as well as seafood, like fried shrimp on a bed of arugula and fresh tomatoes. This is a more upscale pizzeria and has a lovely atmosphere. Perfect for bringing friends or family to catch up with or a night out.

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