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The best pizza in Vacaville: a local guide

When you’re in Vacaville, you’ll easily figure out that for the people here, it’s either thin crust pizza or nothing else. It’s that simple. One theory for this is that the residents fancy different popular pizza styles with a thin crust such as California pizza, New York-style pizza, and Neapolitan, so that the intersection of these styles informs their love for thin crust pies. There may be some truth to this when you consider how their pies are never thicker than the classic NY pizza and can be as thin as Neapolitan, but that’s not something the residents worry themselves about. Just serve delicious thin crust pie with fresh and tasty sauce, cheese, and toppings, and they’re game. Give the locals mozzarella, cheddar, or parmesan cheese on their thin crust pie, garnish it with any of the favorite sauce options like tomato, pesto, BBQ, etc., and load it with toppings like pepperoni, anchovies, bacon, meatball, basil, to mention a few, and you’ve won their heart.

Best Delivery Pizza in Vacaville

As far as pizza delivery in Vacaville is concerned, no one comes close to the level of Mountain Mike’s Pizza on Alamo Drive, and that’s something that everyone that enjoys pizza in the city knows. Every single time, the entire experience from the moment you place an order for delivery up until you chew the last pizza slice is always amazing, leaving you to look forward to your next order. Here, there’s a long list of pie specials for you to choose from, and room for you to create one for yourself by following your cravings at the time you wish to place the order for delivery. Whichever route you take, you should know that you’ll be getting a legendary pie that’s made from freshly rolled dough and high-quality ingredients that come together to give a delectable pie. And yes, the delivery is prompt, so your pie will arrive hot! Place an order right away on Slice.

Best Takeout Pizza in Vacaville

If you’ve never had takeout pizza from Pizza Guys on Marshall Road and you’re in Vacaville, then you’re missing a lot. In fact, you ought to correct that as soon as possible because the kind of takeout pizza that the restaurant serves completely blows the competition in the city out of the water. It could be you’re just grabbing lunch for yourself or a group, or you’re picking up dinner for your family, it doesn’t matter – the quality of the pie remains the best, and your experience will be memorable. When you step into the pizzeria for pickup, you’ll immediately tell that efficiency is a priority in the nice and clean restaurant. It’s small and only has a few chairs and tables for folks to sit, so you’ll see it’s more designed for a quick grab-and-leave service. If by any chance you have to wait a while for your pie to be ready, you’ll feel quite relaxed in the place. While you’re at it, feel free to ask about the perk for customers that wait. Place an order right away on Slice and head over to the restaurant right away.

Best Pizza Near Vacaville


Northeast of Vacaville, the city of Dixon – initially known as Dicksville – features a vibrant community that has unique attractions, wineries, golf courses, art sites, and recreation destinations. Your trip through time can take you from the Dixon Fairgrounds, to the Mondavi Center for Arts, Travis Air Force Base, or the campus of UC Davis. So much to do here. Furthermore, Cenario’s Pizza of Dixon on Pitt School Road is a place to visit for absolutely delightful pickup pizza.


In the city of Winters, you’ll feel like you’re in a small town with plenty of natural spaces and beautiful sceneries that offer breathtaking countryside experiences. Places you can spend time here include Stebbins Canyon Natural Reserve (hikers never miss this place), Putaj Creek, and Lake Berryessa if you’re a fan of angling and kayakers, or Monticello Dam and the Glory Hole. There’s no better place to cool off in the evening than at Pizza Factory with a delish house special.


Fairfield is considered one of the best-kept secrets of California and you have to spend time here to find out why that’s so. The nature elements here such as the oak forests, pristine marshes, rolling grasslands, and wildlife habitats are reason enough for you to come here for a refreshing getaway. If you’re down for more, visit the Western Railway Museum, Sonoma Raceway, Edwards Cinema, and Scandia Family Fun Center to make this trip even more memorable. You can grab the best pie in town on North Texas Street from Pizza Guys.

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