Top Pizza Restaurants in Venice, CA in 2024 Near You

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The Venice pizza scene has been shaped by many different visions. Venice is certainly not averse to the traditional family-friendly, long-standing Ma and Pa pizza restaurants. But the passion for pizza doesn't stop there. Venice is also home to trendy and upcoming pizzerias including plant-based and gluten-free artisan creations.

Here in Venice, both the traditional and the unique are done authentically and expertly. With a variety of different pizzerias ranging from upscale and trendy to casual longstanding family favorites, pizzerias in Venice are not afraid to branch out into the creative. But at the heart of it all lies a love of the traditional done well. New York-style and Sicilian pizza pies can be found as firm favorites on any pizzeria menu.

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The best pizza in Venice: a local guide

A popular choice in many cities across the US is of course the authentic New-York style pizza. It has large slices, thin foldable yet crispy crust, and traditionally brick-oven-cooked making that bakes in the flavour. And here in Venice, this is no different. With many pizzerias offering a wide range of fantastic pizza options ranging from the traditional and authentic to the wacky and unique, there remains one popular favourite on everybody’s menu, and it’s no surprise why that favourite is the delicious New-York style pizza!

Pizza delivery in Venice

Coming highly recommended, Johnny's New York Pizza is truly the best pizza restaurant for delivery in Venice, offering not only the fastest delivery but also a 5% discount when you order online. The most popular items from Johnny's New York pizza menu include the classics: The classic cheese pizza, the classic pepperoni pizza, white pizza (made with garlic cream sauce, fresh ricotta cheese, and sauteed spinach) and of course local favorite and this restaurant's namesake New York-style pizza pies. There’s also a great variety of side and Caesar salad options if you're in the mood for something more light. Gluten-free crust is also available.

For pizzerias with free delivery in Venice, Abbot's Pizza Company is also a truly great option with many specialties including a wild mushroom pizza, ‘Gypsy pie’ and classic Meat Lovers dish.

Best take out pizza in Venice

Touting themselves as a ‘real neighborhood place’ that cares deeply about the community, Abbot’s Pizza Company is certainly a favorite amongst locals. Gaining themselves a solid 4 out of 5 star rating and a plethora of positive reviews, this restaurant sits at53 out of 371 quick bites to grab while out in Los Angeles.

Here at Abbot’s Pizza Company, they pride themselves not only on their delicious pizza and wide variety of experimental and unique creations, but also their goal to make Los Angeles and Venice in particular a safer and more positive place to live and visit.

Locally owned and operated, this pizzeria specializes in made-from-scratch New York pies. Popular dishes from this menu include the Meat Lovers pizza, barbecue chicken pizza, and the olive pesto pizza.

But the flavor doesn’t stop there! This company offers a wide variety of choices from vegan cheese to gluten-free bread. Their creative array of crust options, including favorites garlic and hot pepper, will leave you spoilt for choice as well as flavor. As a thoughtful bonus heart-shaped pizzas are available year-round for an additional $3 charge.

Truly a formidable takeaway option on a busy afternoon, but also a great place to spend a pleasant evening dining al fresco with outdoor seating - give Abbot’s Pizza Company a try!

Best pizza near Venice

Santa Monica pizza

Earning 4.5 out of 5 stars Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen focuses on classic and gourmet thin-crust New York-style pizzas, they also offer a variety of delicious Italian cuisine including salads, pastas, subs, wings, and fried chicken as well as branching out into delicious desserts. An asset to the community with their involvement in supporting local sports and education organizations, the environment is also very important to this zero-waste restaurant.

El Segundo pizza

A popular favorite style in El segundo is the New York style pizza and no one does it better than Vinnie's Pizza Ranking as a popular local favorite, Vinnie's Pizza believes in old-school traditions and only the best and most authentic ingredients and recipes in their New York-style pizzas. Every pizza is hand-tossed in-house and the dough prepared daily. They now also offer both in-house outdoor seating as well as delivery.

Culver city pizza

Voted the best of Culver City 10 years in a row, local family-owned La Rocco's Pizzeria offers the self-proclaimed best New York-style pizzas in Los Angeles. All the sauces are made in-house using the highest quality ingredients. They use traditional family restaurant recipes from Mama LaRocco, born in Sicily migrating to the US in 1922. Since then the recipes have been passed through the generations of Little Italy and Brooklyn. Every pizza is stone-baked for that true authentic flavor.

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