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The best pizza in Woodland Hills: a local guide

Serving a New York pizza in a Los Angeles neighborhood requires a specific ambiance. This effect is provided by the hole-in-the-wall, old-fashioned establishments that make up the pizzerias of Woodland Hills. Everyone loves a good slice of the New York-style pizza, and the people of Woodland Hills just seem to be following the norm. As implied in its name, this pie was first made in New York City, although it might have taken a few pages out of Neapolitan pizza's playbook. Nevertheless, it took no time before assuming its position as the country's favorite. The pie has grated mozzarella and tomato sauce in its traditional state. Luckily, since variety is the spice of life, most pizzerias will branch out from this basic pizza and offer tons of different topping options. While you can quickly identify it by its large hand-tossed thin crust, New York pizza is also famous for its characteristic texture and flavor - rumors suggest that these attributes come from minerals in the city's tap water supply, used to form the crust’s dough.

Best Pizza Delivery in Woodland Hills

While it is not unusual to want to spend the entire day indoors, it might become a tad bothersome when you realize that you will need food to pull it off successfully. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, Slice will bring pizza to your doorstep. One name resonates above the others for pizza delivery in Woodland Hills - Paoli’s. Paoli's Pizzeria & Piano Bar delivers quickly and for a reasonable cost. Paoli’s has something somewhat unique in this area: Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Often with a California twist, the deep-dish pizza is something you have to add to your order. If you’re not too hungry, customize a personal deep-dish, or try the amazing Shrimp Pizza. With alfredo sauce, mushrooms, and shrimp, you can’t go wrong. There are other exciting meals, such as various soups and salads to savor here. Pick one of their appetizers to go perfectly with your deep-dish pizza like the Octopus, Dolmades, or Greek Flaming Cheese.

Best Pizza Takeout in Woodland Hills

Many have wondered what it feels like to get the best service at a pizza restaurant. Only a few know that feeling, and many of them are patrons of Ameci Pizza & Pasta. From their sumptuous servings of pizza to the customer-friendly environment, everything just seems to be excellent with the takeout service here. Ameci has wonderful pizza with the option to customize a cheese pizza or make your own creation on a gluten-fee or cauliflower crust. They make New York-style pizza, and the Ranch Pizza is one of the best. With chicken breast, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, and ranch dressing, it melts in your mouth. Other popular pizza choices here include the Combo, Meat Lover’s, and Vegetarian. Ameci Pizza & Pasta offers good pizza, but that's not all they have in their repertoire. Have a taste of other delicacies like pasta, calzones, or salads. While these meals might not be your darling pizza, they are just as tasty. Why not add a sweet cannoli to your takeout order for dessert?

Best Pizza near Woodland Hills


Calabasas is a city that shares its eastern border with Woodland Hills. Famous for its annual events, Calabasas is a bundle of festive energy throughout the year. Every pie lover in the city knows Michael's Pizza. You wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors by passing up the opportunity to enjoy the restaurant's Combo Pizza, which is loaded with meat and veggies. Another delicious pizza is the Manager's Special with grilled and breaded eggplant, broccoli, tomatoes, and onions. Don’t forget the sprinkle of oregano!.


Named after a fictional jungle hero, Tarzana is a suburban neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region. There are a lot of fun activities in the area, and what better way to enjoy these activities than with a slice of pizza in hand? In Tarzana, Greco's New York Pizzeria offers the best-tasting New York-style pizza. Whether you are dining indoors or outdoors, all you need to worry about is beating the indecision that comes with seeing the restaurant's rich menu.

West Hills

West Hills is one of the neighborhoods running along the northern border of Woodland Hills. Historic landmarks and recreational parks are in abundance within the area. For the local’s favorite pizza, head to the West Hills Pizza Company. Famous for its crispy pizza and tangy sauce, they have both vegan and gluten-free options.

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