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Fort Lauderdale started out as a minor trading post in the early 19th century. It began a steady, but relentless growth after the introduction of a railway service and the Florida land boom of the 1920s. With a geographical position on the state's sunshine coast, shores lined with miles of sand fronted by the Atlantic Ocean, plus the new transport connections, it wasn't long before Fort Lauderdale's development included hotels to accommodate the ever-increasing number of visitors to the city. The urban areas weren't the only part of the city in rapid expansion and Fort Lauderdale's harbor soon became a major port receiving not only heavy maritime traffic, but countless cruise ships disgorging millions of passengers. As the massive tourist influx evolved so did the hospitality and entertainment business’s requirements for workers. Many of those who migrated to Fort Lauderdale were of European descent. Among them were ambitious Italians with pizza recipes in hand ready to open up shop and serve the masses with their cheese-topped pies.

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Fort Lauderdale is known for coal-fired pizza

In the early days of Fort Lauderdale's introduction to pizza, the majority of pizzerias served up either traditional thick crust pies or the thin-based, New York-style. Fierce competition combined with creativity saw a new way of cooking pies appear in Florida. Instead of burning wood, the ovens were fueled with anthracite coal.

Coal-fired pizza was a trend which caught on quickly and one that was adopted by several of the city's pizzerias. It's a method of baking which requires a high level of skill on the chef's part as the ovens reach temperatures of nine-hundred degrees plus. Pies cook with exceptional speed and although a slight blackening of the crust is a normal part of a coal-fired pizza's presentation, a pie getting barbecued to a lump of dough with a carbon-like consistency is not.

Pizzerias in Fort Lauderdale offer a variety of coal-fired pies which vary from New York-style to Neapolitan grandma-style and they're all just that little bit tastier for being cooked in a coal-fired oven.

Best delivery pizza in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

When you want to get the best delivery pizza in Fort Lauderdale don't go for any old pizza, but one from Vito's Gourmet Pizza. Vito's have been involved with serving great pies a little different from the norm for almost ninety years and that experience shows in their exciting pizza delivery menu.

Their premises on North Federal Highway are totally geared to the swift cooking and dispatch of pizza orders. The dining area is simply furnished, but the kitchen streamlined for action. With a marble counter for prep work stretching almost the entire length of the building, there's no hustling for elbow room between the chefs and so no delay in getting pie orders into one or other of the multiple ovens.

Whether you opt for one of Vito's Old World Sicilians, a square pie topped with only cheese, or a gourmet pizza where the sauce is served separate, you can guarantee you'll be getting something good.

Best takeout pizza in Fort Lauderdale, Floridae

Sometimes there's nothing better than grabbing some pizza, finding a quiet spot for people watching or strolling around some of Fort Lauderdale's yacht-filled marinas while munching away on it. Drop-in at Manhattan NY Restaurant and Pizza on Cordova Road for the best takeout pizza in Fort Lauderdale.

Why's it so good? Manhattan NY is a trattoria producing thin crust, New York-style pies that are perfect to grab, fold and go. Outside, the premises may look all-American, but go in and an Italian atmosphere created by the tiled walls and floor will greet you with an almost audible ciao.

When you've decided what toppings are going on your pizza, you'll only have to wait a few minutes for the thin base to crisp and the cheese to melt before you're heading back out of the door. While you'll be within easy walking distance of a couple of parks and the waterfront, it'll be hard to resist biting into your slice before you get there.

Best pizza near Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Hollywood is a city only eight miles south of Fort Lauderdale, but one that doesn't attract quite so many visitors unless their navigational apps have misdirected them there instead of to Los Angeles. While it may not be star-studded, Hollywood has a lot going for it recreational-wise, particularly if you're a golfer. If you do happen to be one of the unfortunate who trusted technology and then got lost, pick up a pizza from Joe's Old School Pizza and head over to Hollywood's fantastic beach for a picnic.

Pembroke Pines

If you decided to head away from the coast and venture inland to explore the vastness of the everglades on an airboat, you may well pass through Pembroke Pines on the way. Even though the city is only twenty miles from Miami, it's right on the edge of the Floridian wetlands and close to the Francis F Taylor Wildlife Management Area. When you've had your fill of whizzing through the everglades in search of alligators, stop off on Pines Boulevard at Coley's Pizza for an appetite-satisfying calzone or stromboli.


Sunrise in Florida was primarily developed as a retirement village for golfing addicts. Its main attraction, and one that still draws the curious today, is the upside-down house built at the start of the construction project. Slightly weird and wonderful, the house balances on its roof and its ceilings are where the floors should be. After snapping shots for your social media and recovering from the vertigo-inducing experience, drop in at Sal's Ristorante on Sunshine Boulevard for a pizza to put the world to rights.


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