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Jupiter is a city on the east coast of the Floridian peninsula between Palm Beach and Port St Lucie that was founded by a Spanish explorer in the early 15th century. While he may have been searching for the fountain of youth, he didn't find it, but did write the name he'd given the location on a map. Whether his handwriting was particularly illegible, who knows, but the name of Jobe was misinterpreted as Jove, and subsequently changed to Jupiter by British colonists.

While Jupiter may have had some name changes over time, one thing which hasn't changed, and remains something the city is renowned for, is its beaches. The impressive stretches of sand lining the North Atlantic shores in Jupiter have earned it a high ranking on the list of top twenty beach cities in the USA.

Jupiter's growing popularity with vacationing visitors meant there was an abundance of employment in the hospitality industry that drew migrants of European descent. The Italians, along with their belongings, brought with them their love of pizza, and a traditional recipe or two, to share with the residents of their new home.

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The best pizza in Jupiter: a local guide

Pizza in Jupiter has followed the traditional route since its first appearance on restaurant menus in the city. While you will find variations from place to place, the most popular, and the pizza Jupiter has become known for, is thin crust.

The thin-crust pizzas in Jupiter are not the same as New York-style pies, they're smaller and so are the slices, but they do have that slightly thicker crust around the edge which bubbles up nicely when baked. The thin-crust pies in Jupiter are similar to the typical authentic Italian pies which the nonnas have been making for generations only with, yes, you guessed it, a thinner base.

Most of the pizzerias in Jupiter have their own particular house special and while they don't boast many gourmet pies on the menus, there are some interesting variations to the norm when it comes to layering on the toppings. It's certainly enough to keep anyone's taste buds interested and that's for sure.

Best delivery pizza in Jupiter, Florida

When you want the best delivery pizza in Jupiter, you'll want one that's really going to deliver on taste and not lose any of its quality during transportation. Check out the pies from Carmine's Coal Fired Pizzas on the city's Military Trail and you'll find they match up on both scores.

Take a look at Carmine's premises from outside and you might have trouble deciding whether you're looking at the entrance or the exit. Once you're through the fire doors though, you wouldn't want to go very far as the interior has a very welcoming atmosphere. It's in the kitchen and in the coal-fired oven where the important pizza action takes place and that's all that matters when you're getting a pizza delivered.

Get a delivery pizza in Jupiter from Carmine's and it'll arrive at your door with that slightly blackened crust and extra flavor that's only generated by a pie being baked at an extremely high temperature in a coal-fired oven. Tasty is not the word.

Best takeout pizza in Jupiter, Florida

Lynora's is the pizzeria where you'll get the best take-out pizza in Springfield. Lynora's is ideally situated to pull up and grab a pie if you've been visiting the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum as it's located right by the US1. You can't miss the eye-catching exterior of Lynora's as the black and white awnings give it a totally trendy look that's all modern Mediterranean. It's fresh and inviting, so you could end up changing your mind about getting a take-out and moving on.

Their pizzas follow the same trait as their premises and are an unusual blend of traditional and innovative where toppings are concerned. If you enjoy barbecues, you'll love Lynora's Short Rib pie with caramelized onions. When you want something that is absolutely classic Italian, go for the Prosciutto and Arugula with shaved Parmesan. It's unbeatable.

Best pizza near Jupiter, Florida

Port Salerno

Port Salerno is a coastal city around twenty miles north of Jupiter with several state nature reserves in close proximity. The city is built on an inlet of the St Lucie River and has a beautiful waterfront district with beaches, yacht marinas, cafes, and art galleries which give it a delightful cosmopolitan atmosphere. When you're tired of exploring Port Salerno, stop off at Salerno Pizza on SE Federal Highway on your way back to Jupiter and treat yourself to a quality pie.

Palm City

Palm City lies just twenty-six miles north-east of Jupiter and is a great place to head for if you have kids to keep entertained. The city has developed along the banks of the St Lucie River and is the ideal spot for going boating, fishing from the pier, hiking in one of the many parks, or going all out for the day at the Sailfish Splash Waterpark. Finish the day with slices of New York-style pie from Big Slice Pizza and you won't hear a peep out of the kids for a week.


Get away from the coast for a change and head inland for thirty miles to Indiantown. There are no beaches or waves lapping against the shore there like there are in Jupiter, but you'll find wildlife management areas, swamps, and open-house farms to visit. If you like plane spotting, there's a small airfield where you can watch the aircraft take off and land. You won't need to scout around for a pizza. You can get a good one at Little Caesars on Warfield Boulevard.

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