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Athens may not have had pizzerias when its famous university was first founded in the late 1800s, but there are restaurants in the city that have been doling out the tomato sauce and cheese-topped dough for decades. Understandably, Athens is a city with a high percentage of students among its population. There are three things that are vitally essential to keeping the alumni studying in this college town happy. Good music, fantastic festivals and great, but uncomplicated food. Pizza features as a popular favorite and has done for years. Athens in Georgia was named after the capital of Greece and there is a definite Greek gastronomical influence still prevalent in the city. Yes, the debate about who invented pizzas still rages on. Was it the Ancient Greeks or was it the Italians? But one thing for sure is, it doesn't really matter who made the first one so long as they're all just as good as the pizzas in Athens, Georgia, today.

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The best pizza in Athens: a local guide

As a city teeming with students, not surprisingly, Athens is well known for its New York-style pizzas. Why? When you've been in the gym, on the football field or skipped lunch because you were cramming for an exam, you want a pizza that's big enough to satisfy. A New York-style pizza delivers not only on size, but can be convenient when it comes to eating on the move. Order a slice and you can double it up and munch away while heading to wherever you're going next. Eating it folded like that saves getting splodges of sauce dripping down your chin and onto your shirt too. Another bonus with a New York-style pizza is the thin dough used to make it is less stodgy than that used in other pizzas. That slender, crispy-edged base isn't going to sit in your stomach like a ton of bricks or make you drowsy once you've eaten your fill.

Best delivery pizza in Athens, Georgia

When you're running your finances on a shoestring, the last thing you need is to be forking out extra for delivery charges. One of the reasons Ted's Most Best offers the best pizza delivery in Athens, Georgia, is because they do it for free. Can't beat that when you're on a tight budget. Located in a renovated industrial unit, Ted's is classically smart on the inside and has a super patio plus a space for bocce ball outside. While Ted's pizzeria has modern décor, they make their pizzas the traditional way to maintain authenticity. That doesn't mean they don't get imaginative with toppings though. They do. When you want a pizza just a bit different to the norm, go for the White Rabbit. The bechamel, mozzarella and arugula are a mouthwatering combination. If you prefer to create your own pizza, there's no shortage of topping variety at Teds and that includes a choice of nine cheeses and twenty veggies. Whatever taste creation you go for, if you're on campus, you're in luck. Ted's Most Best is just a couple of minutes away so your pizza will still be steaming when you get it.

Best takeout pizza in Athens, Georgia

Sometimes when you've had a busy day the only thing you want to do is head home and curl up on the sofa with some comfort food. Just because you're going to be eating in front of the TV doesn't mean you should settle for second best. Go to Bulldawg Pizza on Milledge Avenue and you'll get the best take-out pizza in Athens, Georgia. Whether you want your pizza with or without tomato sauce, Bigdawg are happy to oblige. If you're getting tired of consuming New York-style pies, they have a great Philly on the menu that'll give your taste buds a change from your regular choice. There are fourteen calzone variations to pick from too and all come with a side of marinara sauce to dip those hunks of dough in. If you've invited friends round or want to be kind to your flat mates, then pick up an enormous sized Big Dawg. There'll be plenty to feed everybody and probably leftovers too.

Best pizza near Athens, Georgia


Bogart may be a small town, but it's one where there's pretty much always something going on. When you find yourself there, after spending hours at the cherry blossom festival, getting lost in a corn maze or watching piglets swimming on a local farm, stop off at Foxes Pizza Den to end the day. A pizza there will set you up just right for your next outdoor adventure.


When you're motoring towards Athens, Georgia, from down south and hunger strikes as you're passing through Watkinsville, stop off at Doughby's Pizza on the main street and you'll be in good hands. Their hand-tossed New York-style is a substantial pie that will set you up for hours. If you can't break your journey for a sit down meal they do a very convenient curbside pick-up that will see you on your way again in no time.


Jefferson is a city less than twenty miles from Athens with a two century history and some great trails around Curry Creek and the Middle Oconee River. When you've built up an appetite sightseeing or hiking, stop off at the Jefferson Pizza Kitchen on Gordon Street. You can't miss the red brick building and they have a big lot so no problem parking.Try one of their Triple Bacon specials or a pepperoni with extras and you'll soon replenish your expended energy.

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