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The best pizza in Lilburn: a local guide

The city of Lilburn was founded in 1910 and developed as Atlanta grew. Its first residents were engaged in cotton production, and for them, churches and schools began to open. The proximity to the main city made this place an attractive suburb and a favorable place to live. However, a decade after, Lilburn experienced economic stagnation due to a country-wide crisis and a devastating fire. It’s only in recent history, in the 20th century, that the town started to thrive again.
Over the years, like its neighbor Atlanta, the city was inhabited by immigrants from all over the world. Lilburn became home to refugees from places like Latin America, India, and Sri Lanka. All these nations have contributed to the local cuisine. Indian restaurants, Chinese, Mexican, and others have opened, but Italian pizza has always been the most popular dish. Pizza is the most ordered dish at the food festival Lilburn Food Truck Tuesdays, bringing together the local community over good food and fun activities.

Lilburn is Known for Neapolitan-style Pizza

Lilburn’s pizzerias have various pizza types with different crusts and toppings; however, the most popular is Neapolitan-style pizza. The local comfort food is made on a soft and crumbly flatbread and not on the traditional crispy dough. Usually, the dough for Neapolitan pizza does not contain olive oil, unlike most Italian pizzas. Besides that, the dough is rolled out by hand or with a slow mixer without using a rolling pin to keep it oxygenated and airy. One of the most critical parts of the Neapolitan pizza in Lilburn depends on its baking. The local pizzaiolos make the pie three mm thick and bake for 60-90 seconds at a very high temperature in a wood-fired oven. This results in a crispy and charred but not burned pizza. As for toppings, here they vary depending on the restaurant, but the base is mozzarella cheese, fresh or dried basil, tomato sauce, and often fresh sliced tomatoes.

Best Delivery Pizza in Lilburn

Dante’s NY Style Pizza is a neighborhood pizzeria that makes the best pizza for delivery in Lilburn. There are several types of pizza made here. They do authentic New York-style pizza from a traditional recipe with thin crispy dough and rich toppings. Their Detroit-style pizza is on a thicker crust, and the Sicilian is on the fluffy square dough. Additionally, they have gluten-free pizza, which comes in a 14-inch size. No matter which of the three styles of pizza you choose, they are all perfectly baked, amazingly fresh, and delicious. Craving some pizza? You don’t need to drive miles to pick up your desired pizza; Dante’s delivery service can bring it to your address. Your pizza and other dishes will be hot and fresh as if they baked them next to you. The delivery people carry each order in a thermal resistant bag and arrive as quickly as possible. Pick at least one today from Dante’s extensive menu.

Best Takeout Pizza in Lilburn

Stone Creek Pizza is a casual restaurant with delicious dishes and the best pizza for takeout in Lilburn. Only fresh and high-quality products are used without additives, chemical components, and frozen products. There are 13 pizza variations in total, baked on a thin or hand-tossed dough. The dough is prepared daily in-house according to traditional recipes using Italian flour. The pizza is then baked in a professional oven for just a few minutes, providing a crispy pizza crust with a delicious taste and aroma. At Stone Creek Pizza, they are very generous with the toppings, so feel free to choose the usual classics or opt for one of the pizza specialties. Besides pizza, there are tasty salads, wings, and subs. This pizzeria is also distinguished by excellent service, friendly staff, and quick order preparation.

Best Pizza near Lilburn

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Pizza Café is a casual family-owned restaurant perfect for satisfying your pizza cravings in Stone Mountain. They specialize in Neapolitan-style pizza, made using hand-tossed fresh dough. There are plenty of options, from classic to artisan gourmet. Besides the excellent food, they offer a relaxing atmosphere and friendly professional service. Also, customers can buy a pizza slice which is a good option for lunch.


Enzo’s Pizza is a family-oriented casual pizzeria in Tucker that residents know has the best pizza. This locally-owned place is proud of itself and has gained popularity among the locals and visitors. This didn’t happen opportunistically but resulted from professionalism and devotion to the business of good food. All the ingredients they use to prepare their pizza are fresh and high-quality. In addition to a vast selection of pizza, you can find an impressive assortment of salads and subs.


2 Nyers Pizza is a neighborhood restaurant that makes the best pizza in Duluth. The emphasis here is on the tastiest food and fast service while keeping prices affordable. Their pizza dough is made from Italian flour for both of 2 Nyers’ offered pizza types – Neapolitan and New York. Each pizza bakes in a wood-fired oven, making the crust exceptional no matter your chosen style. There are eight pizza options on a menu and the option to customize your own.

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