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The best pizza in Rome: a local guide

It could just be a coincidence that Rome in Georgia is known for Roman-style pizza or it may be that the pizza chefs of the city originate from that region, whether either is true is unsure. The one fact that is definitely certain is that the pizzerias in Rome make great pizzas and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. They serve up Roman-style pizza in the same way they do in Rome in Italy too with a choice of red or white pies being a standard on the menus. The dough on a Roman-style pizza has a medium thickness and is generally spongier than other types of pizza dough. Large holes in the interior of the dough after it's been baked are a classic trademark. The shape of a Roman-style pie can vary from pizzeria to pizzeria so you may get one that's circular or you may get one that's oblong, but whatever shape you get it’ll always taste the same.

Best delivery pizza in Rome, Georgia

It's evident from their classy premises that Bella Roma Grill on Braves Boulevard NE are proud of supplying the local community with not just eat-in quality Italian food, but the best delivery pizza in Rome. The independent clapboard and tiled roofed building housing this pizzeria is an attractive, eye-catching structure fronted by a columned portico. The inside is decorated in typical trattoria style with wooden furnishings, polished floors, and Italian-themed artwork on the walls. Read through Bella Roma Grill's menu and you'll find they offer the same amount and diversity of white pies as they do red. Their white is totally sauceless and relies on generous helpings of ricotta and mozzarella for flavor. That's great if you're tired of tomatoes or are allergic to them. If you want to beef up your delivery order try Bella Roma's Italiano pizza. It comes overloaded with meatballs, sausage, bacon, and ham.

Best takeout pizza in Rome, Georgia

If you're looking for a restaurant in Rome and are driving down Martha Berry Highway, stop when you spot the signs for the Roma Mia pizzeria. They do the best take-out pizza in Rome so if you speed straight past, you'll regret it. Roma Mia has a parking lot right out front so pull up there and take a moment to admire the tidy exterior of their premises before getting out of your vehicle and going in. This pizzeria is as organized inside as it is out and has been decorated in an unfussy, classical way that's comfortable and easy on the eye. There's plenty of artwork on the walls to ponder over while you're waiting for your order. The paintings don't come anywhere close to rivaling the beauty of the pizzas they make at Roma Mia though, so don't forget to take a photo of yours to post on your social media before you start eating it.

Best pizza near Rome, Georgia


Calhoun is twenty-odd miles north of Rome and a city with plenty of military history as well as lots of outdoor recreational facilities. Have a browse around the Roland Hayes Museum, snap a selfie in front of the historic train depot or explore the New Echota Historic Site which was the capital of the Cherokee communities. Have a gentle stroll along the pathways of the city's rock garden before heading over to Gondolier Pizza on Highway 53 for a well-earned pie.


Head out of Rome in a westerly direction and after thirty minutes driving you'll be approaching McCallie. It's a small town located on a stretch of highway which hasn't got much to offer. Stop before you get there to visit the Tellus Science Museum then motor through it until you see the signs for the Old Car City USA. It's an eclectic museum or rather junkyard full of car wrecks that have been devoured by vegetation. It's creepy, but fun and something to ponder over while you're en route to the King Pizzeria in Cartersville.


Cartersville is a city built along the Etowah River where it flows into the serpentine waters of Allatoona Lake. You could easily spend a week hiking the trails in the various state parks to the east of the city, camping out under the stars, canoeing or kayaking, or going fishing. If you're not into grilling a freshly caught trout for your dinner, make an afternoon visit to the Booth Western Art Museum then get a take-out pizza from Armando's Italian Restaurant on Dixie Street.

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