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A city considered to be a suburb of bustling metropolitan Atlanta, Woodstock, Georgia, is a small community with 31,437 people to its credit. The residents that make up this charming city are largely young professionals and working families. With a climate that is hot and humid most of the year, Woodstock is a wonderful place to enjoy a leisurely stroll, a swim, or any outdoor activity that strikes your fancy.

Woodstock is a city with a diverse food culture, featuring every type of restaurant from fine dining to family fare, food trucks, and everything in between. A cultural haven, you can easily find a little of everything right within the city limits including great shopping at local retailers, outlet malls featuring popular brand names, hiking trails, live entertainment, and excellent accommodations for those looking to enjoy an overnight stay.

Though you can find some truly impressive culinary masterpieces in Woodstock such as Rootstock and Vine’s roasted octopus with farro salad, there is one staple that Woodstock residents cannot do without: great-tasting pizza. The city’s pizzerias run the gamut of styles and décor, including everything from traditional mom and pop shops, charming trattorias reminiscent of the old country, and even elegant boutique restaurants boasting of authentic Italian fare, handcrafted from only the finest of ingredients.

Whatever type of slice you favor, you’ll be sure to find it in Woodstock!

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The best pizza in Woodstock: a local guide

When it comes to pizza, you can find any style your heart desires in Woodstock. But this friendly city has claimed one type as its main domain: New York-style. New York-style pizza traces its roots to the original Neapolitan slice that was introduced to the region through Italian settlers in the early 20th century.

What sets the New York-style pie apart from other pizza types is its thin, crispy crust cut into large triangular wedges, a slice designed to be folded in half and eaten on the go. Though New York-style pizza can feature any toppings your heart desires; traditionally, this fan-favorite pie is garnished with an aromatic, rich tomato sauce with just a hint of sweetness and a salty and stretchy mozzarella cheese. Unlike the tomato pie commonly found in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, New York-style pizzas showcase their toppings directly on top of the cheese.

Woodstock pizzerias offer their favorite pizza type by the slice or the pie. In keeping with tradition, the hand-stretched dough contains a number of excellent quality ingredients to yield the perfect leathery bottom and billowy crust handle: sugar, olive oil, hard bread flour, yeast, and water.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic trattoria with old-school flair, a hole-in-the-wall shop with rustic charm, or simply to grab a great slice from a food truck, you’ll be sure to find your ideal pie in Woodstock!

Best Delivery Pizza in Woodstock

For exceptional pizza and lightning-quick delivery service, you can’t go wrong with ordering a pie from Woodstock’s Grand Slam Pizza. Located in a heavily trafficked strip mall amidst a wide array of small chain restaurants, Grand Slam Pizza offers indoor dining, takeout, and delivery service. There is ample seating inside this spacious shop with modern, clean, and utilitarian décor.

It’s Grand Slam Pizza takes great pride in offering a wide menu selection, including such traditional favorites as pizza, classic hamburgers, and wings with a large sampling of sauces to offer that perfect tangy finish. The desserts at Grand Slam Pizza are sure to keep you coming back for more. For a decadent finish to your meal, why not try Grand Slam’s Oreo cheesecake? Equally as popular are the cinnamon stix, a spicy, sugary pastry prepared on the pizzeria’s own signature pizza dough.

Build a pizza to your own unique specifications or sample one of Grand Slam Pizza’s specialty pies for the ultimate treat. Among the most popular pizzas at this cherished eatery are the bacon cheeseburger and the old world pies. For delivery pizza sure to keep you coming back for more, place an order with Grand Slam Pizza today!

Best Takeout Pizza in Woodstock

On your way home from work and craving a slice? Why not place an order for takeout at Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria?

A large family-style restaurant featuring a large indoor dining area and rustic décor, Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria has been proudly serving Woodstock pizza lovers since 1995. This much-beloved eatery is a family establishment with a focus on providing premium quality Italian fare in a place that feels like home.

Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria has a very large menu with something sure to meet the tastes of every member of the family. Its pizzas are available in a wide array of combinations. If you’re a fan of white pies, there are plenty to choose from including the popular kalamata and the ranch chicken pies. There are also plenty of traditional red pizzas for those who fancy themselves pizza purists. Among the most loved menu items at Gondolier are the bbq chicken and the meat lovers’ pies.

For those looking for a little something different to accompany their pie, Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria offers many different starters, salads, pasta, sandwiches, and even burgers and soups.

Too busy to cook? Let Gondolier Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria do the cooking for you! Use Slice to place an order for takeout today.

Best Pizza Near Woodstock


Just slightly more than 16 miles from the heart of Woodstock is the charming town of Canton. Canton is home to Perrotta’s Pizza, an elegant little pizzeria offering exceptional quality authentic Italian food. Traditional in its décor, Perrotta’s Pizza has an enchanting ambiance, making it well-suited to a romantic dinner for two or a boisterous family meal.

A restaurant with a large menu, Perrotta’s Pizza takes great pride in its expertly prepared dishes which range from delectable pizzas to pastas, salads, soups, appetizers, desserts, and more. Several pizza styles are on offer at this delightful eatery including Sicilian and the house favorite, the Nonna Maria thin crust pan pie complete with house-made garlic oil, mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves.


For a truly unique dining experience marked by incredible food and a warm and welcoming environment, it is well worth the nearly 17-mile drive to enjoy a meal at Marietta’s Liberty Pizza. A family-owned and operated eatery, Liberty Pizza was founded in 2015. New York-style pizza is the name of the game at this beloved pizzeria with flavors so authentic you’ll be instantly transported to the streets of the Big Apple complete with a folded-in-half slice in hand.

Liberty Pizza’s incredible pizza dough is prepared from scratch daily and is hand-stretched to yield that perfect NY combination of a thin, crisp bottom and soft, handle-like crust. This pie is so beloved that it is in demand all across the country with pies shipped from Liberty Pizza’s home base in Marietta to as far as New York City itself!


17.2-miles from Woodstock is Roswell, a haven for pizza lovers on the hunt for their next great slice. One of Roswell’s most popular restaurants is Pizzeria Lucca, a quaint little trattoria specializing in hand-crafted pizza, pasta, and other fare faithful to old-world techniques and recipes.

The atmosphere at Pizzeria Lucca is warm and welcoming, encouraging a sense of community and family. A place where Neapolitan pizza is king, there are many different pizza types on offer here, including white pizzas with unique topping combinations sure to delight every palate. Pizzeria Lucca’s pies are finished in a wood-fired oven, ensuring the perfect texture and taste with each bite of crust. Both the pizza crust and sauces are prepared by hand from the highest quality ingredients to ensure maximum flavor.

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