Top Pizza Restaurants in Boise, ID in 2024 Near You

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Did you know that Idaho’s nickname is the Gem State? There are plenty of hidden pizza gems to find here as well! The most popular pizzas are baked in wood or brick ovens, giving them that fired flavor that we all love.

The oldest pizza restaurant in the state was open for 50 years. Louie’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant was a staple of the downtown area in Meridian. Back in 1965, Louie Mallane took out a bank loan of $150.

He used that loan to purchase napkins, mushrooms, flour, and some sundries. His pizzeria was built in a church and quickly became a well-known community space.

Today, many Boise locals enjoy wood-fired flatbread Neapolitan pizzas. Most of the people living in the city are middle-aged, meaning they most appreciate the delicious food they can eat with their families. It also helps if the pizzeria has some quick bites to eat on the go.

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The best pizza in Boise: a local guide

Boise is best known for the flatbread-style pizza, particularly ones that have been cooked in a wood fired oven. That way, you get the delicious, crisp crust that flatbread is known for. If you want traditional Neapolitan flatbread pies, then this is the city to visit.

This style of pizza comes with plenty of rules. You can only knead the dough by hand, the flour must include high amounts of protein, and the crust can only be topped with grated hard cheeses and mozzarella. Plus, you need to use fresh tomatoes and basil, then bake the pie in a wood fire oven.

It is a lot to remember, but Boise specializes in these times of pizzas. If you want to try traditional flatbread slices for yourself, then it would be worth checking out the area! There are many variants to the style.

Best Delivery Pizza in Boise

If you want the fastest delivery in the city, then you will want to order from the Flying Pie Pizzeria. They have plenty of delicious menu items to try and they always offer the best customer service. Their deliveries are timely and you will have a wonderful time enjoying their food at home.

Customers love the crust the most. It is crisp and brings out the flavor of the toppings. Plus, their prices are amazing. You can expect your delivery to be less pricey than plenty of other chain restaurants.

The shop also has plenty of deals that you can use. One popular option is a buy-one-get-one deal on their medium and large-sized pies- which is fantastic. Their prices are great, which gets their delivery service a lot of attention from locals.

Flying Pie has a large selection of Italian dishes for you to choose from. You will find strombolis, salads, and many other food items.

Best Takeout Pizza in Boise

Guido’s Original New York Style Pizza has the large, thin slices you crave. They are fast and have delicious pies. Their pizzas are all made and kept warm, so you can get them right away. Many locals will enjoy a slice while they wait for the rest of their orders.

Customers also enjoy their salads and strombolis. The garden salad with garlic sauce is a favorite to many. Plus, the sizes of their slices are very large. Many customers are surprised when they receive their orders!

The store also has amazing customer service. The team ensures that their customers are always satisfied with every visit. You can expect the same if you decide to go.

Overall, Guido’s is well-known in Boise for everything that they have to offer. For those who have a busy day ahead of them, grabbing a slice from the pizzeria can be a wonderful break.

Best Pizza Near Boise

Garden City

Garden City is only a five-minute drive from Boise, so you might also want to try their pies. A favorite there is New York Richie’s. They offer vegetarian meals and have unique pizza flavors. For instance, they can create chicken curry or chicken tikka masala pies.

You will want to explore their menu and see what they have to offer. They have thin, crispy crust, sandwiches, fries, and stir fry.


Eagle is not too far from Boise; it's about a 20-minute drive. The best pizza place is currently the Smoky Mountain Pizzeria Grill. Many locals rate it as their number one choice for Italian food in the city.

You will find plenty of creative items on the menu. Spring rolls, fried mozzarella, beer-battered onion rings, wings, and plenty of pasta dishes. Plus, everyone loves their pizza. The restaurant offers vegan items too.


Meridian is also pretty close to Boise. By car, you will spend about 17 minutes commuting. Johnny Bronx Pizza is considered to be one of the best places to order here. They have traditional New York-style slices, as well as unique pizzas. These include Thai pies and more!

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