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Pizza King

523 Broadway St Ste 2, Anderson, IN 46012

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Marco's Pizza

615 S Scatterfield Rd, Anderson, IN 46012

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Pizza King

3820 Columbus Ave, Anderson, IN 46013

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Pizza King

1825 Meridian St, Anderson, IN 46016

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Pizza King

2424 Nichol Ave, Anderson, IN 46016

The best pizza in Anderson: a local guide

Originally occupied by Delaware Indians, the city of Anderson in Madison County, Indiana was known by names such as Anderson’s Town and Andersonton before it was finally formalized to Anderson. It is home to several historic places such as the Downtown Historic District, Mounds State Park, and Gruenewald House, among others, making it a paradise for history buffs and those that fancy antiques. What Anderson is most notable for is its arts and music landscape which has grown over the years and made it a top spot for guests. Some of the places to be if this aligns with your interests include the Burdock House, The Ribs Express, Anderson Young Ballet Theatre, and Anderson Mainstage. Nature lovers always have a nice time at the Rangeline Nature Preserve and Shadyside Park where unique hiking opportunities abound along scenic nature trails. Mounds State Park is another place to visit if you want to combine your outdoor adventure with lessons about the city’s history.

Anderson is known for Thin Crust pizza

Over here in Anderson, folks love pizza, a lot in fact, and aren’t shy about it at all because the pizzaiolos treat them to the best delicacies you’ll get anywhere in the region, so what’s there to be shy about? If anything, they’re proud of their pizza. Interestingly, it’s not as though there’s a special kind of pizza that you’ll find here and nowhere else. Instead, it’s all about thin-crust pies for the residents. You may find a slight preference for thin-crust pies that are close to what is commonly enjoyed by New Yorkers, but that’s not a hard and fast rule in the city. Some of the pies are chewy, while others are crispy, all depending on what the person ordering desires. One thing that’s sure, besides the fact that the folks here love the crust thin, is that they fancy mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce above every other variety of cheese and sauce.

Best Delivery Pizza in Anderson

If what you want in Anderson is your pizza brought to you on time so that you can quickly dig through it and get rid of the hunger that’s already messing with your insides, the place that will best suit your needs is Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza on South Scatterfield Road. Don’t worry, the folks at Papa Murphy don’t only care about getting your pizza to you on time, but also make sure that what you’re going to eat is a combination of fresh ingredients and top-class cooking. Feel free to create your own meal the way you want it from crust to topping or request for classic and house special pies that will cater to your cravings – it’s all up to you. The bottom line is that your pie will be delivered to you wherever you are in the city right on time and you’ll start looking forward to your next order the moment you finish the pie. Order now on Slice to get started.

Best Takeout Pizza in Anderson

You may have had that kind of experience before where you finished having a meal and just couldn’t help but smile at how the food checked all the boxes. If you’d like to have that every time you settle down to eat pie you picked up for lunch or dinner in Anderson, then the place to go is Nick’s Restaurant. Here, the team prioritizes catering to the desires of every customer that picks up their pie, and they ensure that no one is disappointed. That’s what makes the pizzeria stand out in the city. It's a cozy restaurant on Broadway Street that treats everyone that walks through their doors like family, offering wonderful customer service all the way, so that the total experience is much more than the delectable pie they’re there to pick up. Placing your order ahead of your arrival on Slice is the way to ensure your meal is ready for you as soon as you show up.

Best Pizza Near Anderson


The town of Chesterfield lies east of Anderson and welcomes anyone that enjoys interesting history tours and good meals. Originally known as West Union, the town’s name was changed in 1834 and features historic sites like George Makepeace House and The Chesterfield Spiritualist Camp District. One joint that stands out in the town is Chesterfield Pizza King on West Main Street, and you should know that they live up to their name with the pies that they serve, so you shouldn’t miss out on their food.


Pendleton town features a historic district that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as a historical museum that opened in 1981 and houses some of the artifacts that take guests through some of the significant events that took place here in the past. Nature trails are also present in the town for everyone that loves the outdoors and would fancy exploring the picturesque sites here. When it’s time to eat pizza, the place to go is Madison’s St8 Street Bistro on West Main Street.


Head west to the town of Lapel, which opened up in 1876 after the railroad was extended to the area, for interesting family-based activities. Parks in town where you can pursue your interests are Brookside Park, Woodward Park, and Memorial Park, so come prepared for activities like ball games, hiking, and even pet-friendly exercises. If you fancy pizza and would love to have a taste of what Lapel offers, head over to Main Street and grab The Deluxe Pizza at Mardi Gras Pizza Pub.

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