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The best pizza in Columbus: a local guide

Thin crust pizza is really traditional, just like wood-fired pizza styles. The original pizza from Italy was a lot more like what Americans think of as flatbread. A thicker crust is a very American concept of pizza and thinner crust styles are much more traditional. You will be able to gain access to the most original and traditional kinds of pizza when you visit Columbus and you will love the history of pizza in this town.

This city area is known for Columbus-style pizza which offers a thin crust and a very small ring of crust at the edges of the slices. You will usually be offered a really delicious Italian experience that blends flatbread and pizza in all the right ways when you enjoy Columbus-style slices. The Midwest is also known for square-cut slices and you will be served your Columbus-style pizza in square slices in most places.

Best Delivery Pizza in Columbus

Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders is the perfect place to head for your delivery pizza needs. You can get everything from a basic slice of cheese pizza to signature styles like their chicken gourmet pizza. Enjoy other offerings on the menu like chicken ranch nachos and their legendary chocolate chip cookies as well. This is a really diverse location that offers pub food as well as really authentic pizza for your enjoyment.

This is a great place to experience everything that Columbus-style pizza stands for and you will love that you can order any of your favorite toppings and get exactly what you are looking for. This company is actually a chain restaurant that has brought the square slice to many parts of the US. This is a great place to order a delivery pizza as well as a classic pizza or a truly unique pizza pie. You will never be disappointed with anything that you order here.

Best Takeout Pizza in Columbus

Bucceto’s Pizza & Pasta is an amazing place to head for a takeout pizza. This location takes pride in its focus on customers choosing their own pizza from the crust up. This pizza location offers you all the toppings that you could ever want as well as gluten-free pizza and lots of great specialty pizza varieties. There is also a whole list of meatless menu options and delightful appetizers.

You can get all of the unique items on their menu for your takeout needs and you will love that you can enjoy all of the best things on the menu as takeout. Not all the pizza places that you might visit for takeout will let you take home every single thing that they make.

Best Pizza Near Columbus

Lapel, IN

Mardi Gras Pizza Pub This yummy little pizza place is in nearby Lapel, IN. You will love this charming small city and Mardi Gras Pizza pub offers some amazing pizza varieties as well as really great breadsticks and appetizers. You will love the charming little town and the fried mushrooms and pickles aren’t bad either! Pick a delightful Hawaiian pizza or a Meat Lovers for your enjoyment when you visit! This is a great pizza location that will take care of all of your pizza needs with ease.

Anderson, IN

Art’s Varsity Pizza This quaint pizza place is in nearby Anderson, IN. This is a college town, so you can get all of your classic pizza types here as well as sandwiches and appetizers. This is a well-rounded restaurant that offers well-priced food that is perfect for people of all ages and tastes. You will get access to great classic toppings that are square cut and made on a really nice thin crust just like you would want from your Columbus-Style pizza.

Hope, IN

Whitt’s Pizza This pizza place is located in Hope, IN and you will love that you can get a classic slice of pizza here. This is a family-run and operated business that gives you service with a smile and a great slice of any of the varieties of pizza on their menu. You will find something for everyone here and it is a really cozy atmosphere that makes you feel welcome right off. This small town pizza place perfectly matches the small-town vibe of its location.

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