Top Pizza Restaurants in New Albany, IN Near You

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The best pizza in New Albany: a local guide

While the Columbus-style pizza is well-known in this area, you can also get a really great thick crust pizza here. Columbus-style pizza has a thin crust and the toppings go out to the edge of the pizza. New Albany pizza is more commonly made with a thick crust, but also usually is made with the toppings all the way to the edge of the crust.

This is a great area to enjoy this fun local twist on classics. You can get Sicilian and Italian-style slices here that are made with the square slices and thick crust that you will not enjoy with these styles of pizza elsewhere. This is a really unique location for pizza and you will want to be sure that you try out the local style while you are in town.

Best Delivery Pizza in New Albany

Mimo’s Pizzeria is a really great place to visit when you are in town. You can get delivery pizza from them as well, which makes it that much easier to enjoy amazing local pizza with ease. This restaurant offers all of the classic Italian and Sicilian flavor profiles with square-cut slices and a really delicious crust.

This location is a local favorite and the restaurant is styled like an Italian restaurant. You can sit down to a well-rounded and authentic meal here or order from the full menu of amazing food options for your delivery order. People rave about the New York-style slices here as well and they often mention how delicious the sauce on every pizza is.

Best Takeout Pizza in New Albany

If you are looking for a great takeout experience, you need to head to Bella Roma. They offer amazing bruschetta as well as really good Italian-style pizza here. The food here is really good and people rave about the wide variety of items on the menu that would be at home in a fancy Italian restaurant. You can even get fried zucchini or prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella.

This is a really cute location and it is easily accessible. You will sometimes even get to meet the owner as they are frequently at the restaurant cooking alongside their team. This is a really nice pizza place that will offer you amazing Italian fare as well as really good pizza in the local style.

Best Pizza Near New Albany

Jeffersonville, IN

Boombozz Pizza and Watch Bar is a really nice taphouse location in Jeffersonville that also offers really good pizza. The fun atmosphere caters to young people and beer lovers but this is a great location to drop in at and have a pint and a slice of pizza even if you do not usually go to taphouses. This location has many local awards for their vegetarian pizza as well as traditional Italian family recipes that are on the menu as well.

Clarksville, IN

Chicago City Pizza is a great pizza spot that is located in nearby Clarksville. This town is steeped in history related to it being the oldest town in the Northwest territory. This historic area boasts many great eateries and Chicago City Pizza offers really excellent deep-dish pizza and New York-style offerings that you will love. This is a really nice location that is not that far from New Albany if you want to go on a little trip for your eating enjoyment.

Georgetown, IN

812 Pizza Company is another really great pizza option that is located in Georgetown. This is a really small town that offers a rural feel and a quiet downtown area. Enjoy all kinds of southern cooking options as well as excellent pizza here when you decide to stop in and visit. This is a really nice pizza place with a great and extensive menu. You can even get some classic Italian dishes here when you stop in!

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