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The best pizza in Essex: a local guide

Despite the impressive diversity of flavors on their menus, Essex has a pizza culture strongly inspired by the Big Apple. These pizzerias understand that perfecting a well-balanced, nuanced New York-Style pizza is easier said than done. Yet, you will find numerous amazing examples in Essex.

A typical New York-style pizza has a thin, hand-tossed crust. The middle is soft and the edges form a true chewy crust, perfect for dipping. To eat this type of pizza like an expert New Yorker, make sure you give it a lengthwise fold before you eat it.

New York-style pizza’s dependability makes it an obvious choice for the base of creative topping combinations. This crispy crust and melty cheese are what these chefs build upon when they make their most interesting creations. And it’s the perfect bedrock for something as exotic as chicken tikka masala pizza. All of these fanciful flavor combinations need to go on a quality pie. Luckily Essex has quality-focused pizzerias that know what they’re doing.

Best Delivery Pizza in Essex

Five Star Pizza & Rice specializes in crafting interesting, some might say zany, creations with their thin crust pizza. Luckily, all of these seemingly half-baked ideas are executed to perfection. Their Indian-inspired Chicken Tikka Pizza combines tandoori-cooked chicken with roasted bell peppers

You didn’t think you’d see a menu without crab on it did you? Their Old Bay Crab Dip Pizza showcases the best flavors Maryland has to offer and creates a decadent pie that is worth celebrating. Having it delivered to your door during a Ravens game is just about the best Sunday ritual you can find in Essex.

Their tandoori oven isn’t just churning out the deliciously spicy chicken for their pizza toppings, either. You will find a full menu of authentic Indian dishes. Lamb curry, chicken tikka masala, vindaloo, and korma elevate this restaurant beyond pizzeria and into an edible adventure. This restaurant is perfect for pizza night when you want to please everyone in the family.

Best Takeout Pizza in Essex

Seasons Pizza has created one of the most versatile menus that makes it a go-to for picking up lunch or dinner while on the go. Their crispy New York-style thin-crust pizzas are topped with various topping combinations. You’ll find classic styles like Margherita, Chicken Bacon Ranch, and Bianco Pizza. Seasons has a small but well-curated flatbread menu for a different type of crust. The Fresh Mozzarella Pesto, BBQ Chicken, and White Veggie Flatbreads marry familiar flavors with the flatbread texture. Perfect for when you had pizza last night!

If you’re looking to supplement your pizza order, Seasons Krazy Fries are topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, and ranch (just about everything you’d ever want on french fries. Anyone looking for an excellent takeout lunch during the week can rely on a menu of hot and cold subs, including their Meatball Marinara.

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Best Pizza Near Essex


You already have plenty of reasons to pop over to the city of Baltimore. You should add Arlon’s Pizzeria to the list just for their White Veggie Pizza alone. This garlic-forward creation is loaded with fresh broccoli, Italian-seasoned tomatoes, and spinach. Arlon’s piles on the fresh Parmigiano and mozzarella and bakes every pizza to perfection.


Universal Pizza & Subs in nearby Rosedale specializes in highly maximized topping combinations. Their Unique Pizza might be an understatement. Freshly ground beef, Italian salami, green peppers, red onions, black olives, fresh-sliced tomatoes, and Universal’s Secret Sauce make up this melty monstrosity. The Old Bay fries make an excellent side if you want some local flavor.


Giovani’s Italian Kitchen is an unassuming deli, restaurant, and pizzeria. Yet, they are churning out some of the most delicious pizzas in the region. Their signature is the classic New York-style pizza. This place is what you might call a “mom and pop” pizzeria because of its old-world charm and attention to detail that only an Italian Grandma can bring to the table. Traditional Italian dishes complement the rest of the menu very well, making this the perfect carryout dinner for the whole family.

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