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Nottingham provides the perfect location for someone who wants to be close to all that Boston has to offer, while still getting to spend some time in the country, enjoying all that is around them, and having a great time in the process.

Whether you are heading to the city or you are looking to spend some time out and exploring, a hot and fresh piece of pizza is a great option to help you out. Nottingham has many choices you can make when it comes to eating the best pizza in town.

Make sure that you have all of your cravings satisfied with the help of our list. Look closer at our list and see which pizzas are going to be right for you.

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Slice on the Avenue - New York Pizza logo
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Nottingham is Known for Maryland Style Pizza

You can’t go far in Nottingham without noticing that there is some delicious Maryland Style pizza that you can enjoy. Maryland-style pizza is a rectangular pizza that has a sweet tomato sauce, a crust that is almost like a biscuit, and relies on the smoky taste of provolone cheese on top.

Customers can choose to add other toppings to this pizza as well, but the bottom needs to include the three options that we just talked about. The smokey and sweet tastes are sure to be a hit for everyone looking for some pizza to enjoy.

The thicker crust that is still crispy will provide all of the great tastes that you need to make your mouth water and ensure that you get pizza that you enjoy.

The Best Delivery Pizza in Nottingham

After a hard day of trying to get work done, you may just want something that is simple and easy to put together for supper. And nothing is better at helping the whole family get the food they need than a good piece of pizza.

Bella Italia provides some of the best in pizza delivery in the area of Nottingham. They are great at serving it up with a smile and have a variety of great vegan and gluten-free options that are sure to be a hit in your home.

Try out their bottomless brunch or take someone special on a date night when you have more time if you want something that is truly unique. With fast delivery and great customer service, you will never want to leave the house to get pizza again.

The Best Takeout Pizza in Nottingham

Franky and Benny’s is the one place you need to stop if you are looking to bring home some great pizza in the area. Their pizzas are made fresh each day and you can choose from a wide variety of pizza toppings to make sure everyone in the home is pleased. Add in some tasty sides and you will want to keep coming back.

Franky and Benny’s has worked hard to provide some of the best pizza in the area and you can see that by the speed at which they work to get things done. Call up an order before you leave from work and know that it will be ready for you by the time you get to the pizzeria.

There are a lot of other tasty items that you can enjoy when you choose this as your local takeout pizza place. In addition to good pizza, Franky and Benny also provide breakfasts, tasty sides, and lots of meat to those who want something unique as the side to their pizza. You can’t go wrong choosing this pizzeria for all of your needs.

The Best Pizza Near Nottingham


When you are looking for some of the best pizza to enjoy in Kensington, you need to stop by the restaurant Frankly…Pizza! This is a cheeky spot that may not look like much, but it is sure to satisfy all of your cravings and the brick oven pizza that you get is some of the best in the whole town.

Fort Washington

Charlie’s Pizzaria Restaurant and Carryout is the first place that you should stop for pizza in the area. They have a cute little store that is comfortable for enjoying a meal with your family or a great date, or even to take the pizza home and become the hero of supper time tonight.

La Plata

While you are at La Plata, make sure that you stop by the restaurant known as Red Oak Bistro. This place has a ton of great food that you are sure to love, but their pizza is some of the best. known for being deliciously fresh, this pizza is going to impress anyone, no matter what they are craving at the time.


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