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The pizza dish traveled downwards from New York towards Maryland. As the dish made its way to Potomac, it picked up some different variations. Today, you can find several different types of pizzas in Potomac - both thin and deep-dish crusts are spread throughout the area.

However, many people in the area love the New York-style pizza the most. This is because many people have come from New York over the years to the state, bringing with them a taste for the classic thin crust pizza slice. Overall, you will enjoy what this town has to offer.

If you live in the area, you will know that there are many hidden gems in this city. Slife Life knows where all of them are and will let you know when to visit them. We recommend that you keep reading if you want to learn more about the pizza culture of the city.

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The best pizza in Potomac: a local guide

Overall, Potomac is well known for having plenty of New York-style pizza places. These pizzas are very thin and usually sold by the slice. They have a lot of toppings and cheese, with the ability to fold in half.

The style developed in New York City as workers gravitated towards foods that were easy to carry. With the New York Slice, workers were able to fold the slice in half and take it with them on the way to and from their work.

The original recipe came from Italy as people came back from the country at the end of the Second World War. The recipe changed much over time, becoming larger as more and more people only bought one slice at a time. The dish grew with the people of the city then was brought to Maryland.

No matter what type of pizza you like the best, you can easily find it in this city. We recommend that you place your order with us online, so you can enjoy your pizza with convenience.

Best Delivery Pizza in Potomac

Broadway Pizza is the best place to get delivery from in Potomac. It has several options, but all of them are very fast. No matter what you decide to order, we are sure you will receive it very quickly. The location also offers plenty of unique menu items that locals all love.

Their service is very fast, allowing you to eat right away when you are hungry. Many locals also choose this place for their pizza nights- making them a very friendly place to order from. So, next time you are craving pizza at home, we recommend that you order with this pizzeria.

Overall, Broadway Pizza is very fast and delicious, Their staff are always working hard, so you can get the best food with every order. Plus, when you buy your meal online, Slice Life makes sure that it comes to you right away.

Best Takeout Pizza in Potomac

However, if you are out already and looking for something to pick up on your way home, then Gregorio’s Trattoria would be a wonderful option for you. They have a very large take-out menu and their staff are always working to ensure your order is made to perfection.

So, next time you want to bring dinner home, consider ordering from them through Slice Life. The pizzeria offers great prices too, so you have plenty of reasons to order from the shop. You can expect to be met with amazing customer service too when you arrive to pick up the order.

Their menu is full of plenty of options too, allowing you to enjoy something unique every time you order. Overall, we recommend that you try them for takeout- their service is prompt so you can easily get your food and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Best Pizza Near Potomac

North Bethesda

If you happen to be near Bethesda, why not stop in at Frankly pizza for lunch? We are confident that you will enjoy everything that they have on their menu. The store has the best crust and sauce, combining to make a tasty pie.


For those who are near the Rockville area, we recommend that you check out the Baronessa Italian Restaurant. They have a wonderful atmosphere and plenty of tasty meals. Overall, locals recommend this place to everyone who travels through the town.

Aspen Hill

Aspen Hill has amazing pizza delivery, especially when you order from the Pizza Stop in the area. They are quick and provide you with several tasty dishes, so you won’t struggle to find something great to eat.

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