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The best pizza in Westbrook: a local guide

When it comes to baking pies the pizzeria chefs of Westbrook are true traditionalists and Westbrook has become known for its thick crust pizzas. Thick crust is the type of pizza that Italian families have been eating for forever and a day - or at least the last couple of centuries anyway. It's a Mediterranean staple that has always been quick, easy, and economical to prepare. It doesn't require many ingredients but when done well tastes absolutely sensational. There are many variations of pizza available in the USA. Some are authentic Italian variations and others aren't. Thick crust is one that no-one can change. Thick crust is thick crust and doesn't go by any other name unless it's being called authentic or traditional Italian pizza, as that is exactly what it is. Top it with whatever you like, the base will stay soft in the middle under the sauce and cheese and have a bubbled crusty edge that's perfect for nibbling on.

Best delivery pizza in Westbrook, Maine

Pick up your phone and call Pizza Time when you want the best delivery pizza in Westbrook. They'll be there shortly after you call, ringing your doorbell, to deliver it. This family-run business has been doing just that for their local Westbrook clients for quite some time now and have the job of pizza baking and delivery down to a tee. Pizza Time's premises are located in a modern, no-frills independent building on Main Street. The no-fuss theme is continued inside with an uncluttered, unremarkable décor that's basic but serviceable. You don't need amazing premises when you base your business on baking great pies and that's what they do at Pizza Time. Try their Loaded Special which comes with pepperoni, meatballs, and sausage as well as peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and it'll leave you wanting for nothing.

Best takeout pizza in Westbrook, Maine

If you've just finished playing a round of golf at the Riverside Golf Course or have been hiking around the Presumpscot River Preserve, you're in the perfect place to pick up the best take-out pizza in Westbrook. It comes from Kozeta's Restaurant on Bridgton Road. You'll spot their sign about half a mile before you get there as it's large and luminous; a complete opposite to their premises, which is gray and tends to tone in with the asphalt parking lot. Walk into Kozeta's and you'll be in a spacious dining area sparsely, but comfortably furnished. What will interest you more than the décor, though, will be the aroma of baking pizza escaping from the kitchen, and here that's almost an all-day thing as there's pizza on the breakfast menu. There's no problem getting an early lunch here even if it is only eleven in the morning.

Best pizza near Westbrook, Maine


Westbrook may be a city in its own right, but it's also a suburb of Portland which is just a few minutes’ drive away. It's a great place to pass the day whether you want to spend time somewhere like the Portland Museum of Art, go photographing spots on the coastline like the historic Portland Head Light or take a boat ride over to Peak Island. For something unusual, and to get an insight into the legends of the Bigfoot, take a look around the International Cryptozoology Museum, then ponder over what you've discovered while eating pizza at Slab Sicilian Street Food on Preble Street.


Head north out of Westbrook for around half an hour and you'll notice a distinct change in the landscape by the time you reach Raymond. Raymond is a city on the eastern shore of Sebago Lake, and close to the Sebago Lake State Park. For a relaxing day, head down the Raymond Neck and board the ferry to Frye Island for a wander around. If you suffer from seasickness, stay on dry land and hike around the trails of the park instead, or drop in at The Beacon on the Roosevelt Trail and indulge in a pizza.


Take a twenty-minute drive from Westbrook to Freeport and you could be forgiven for thinking you'd left Maine and somehow ended up in Arizona. Near to Freeport is a forty-acre stretch of sand dunes known as the Desert of Maine that is surrounded by forests. It's something of a surreal landscape that begs to be investigated even if only for its unusual characteristics. For a complete contrast, after seeing the dunes drive down to Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park which overlooks the very scenic Casco Bay. When you've had your fill of landscapes, fill your belly with a pizza at Petrillo's on Depot Street.

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