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Albany is only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from New York City, which caused plenty of NYC’s pizza history to spill over into Albany. Many pizzerias in Albany are more than 50 years old and sell amazing, authentic pies that we are sure you will love!

Albany has many college students living in the area- making pizza a popular dish. It is fast to order in, so many college students choose that method. They don’t have to leave the house and can still have a hot meal ready and waiting for them to enjoy.

If you are familiar with the pizza history of New York, then you are somewhat familiar with how pizza spread through Albany. Many Italian American families arrived after WWII, creating a demand for pizza in the area. They experimented with different recipes and styles, with the New York slice sticking in the local community.

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Albany is Known For New York Style Pizza

The New York-style slice is thin and crispy. The slice was made to be folded in half, so workers could carry it with them while on their way back from a lunch break. The slices are very large too- often as large as an entire paper plate.

The style is characterized by its size, as well as how it is made. Most of the time, the New York slice is hand-tossed, allowing the pie to become very large. This tactic also gives the crust its thinness, which is one of the pizza’s defining features.

You can order this option with just about any topping, although cheese and pepperoni are the most popular ones. You find many unique pies in Albany too.

If you are in Albany, there are plenty of places where you can order an authentic New York pizza. We will be recommending several places throughout this page.

Best Delivery Pizza in Albany

The I Love New York Pizza Company is the fastest option available for delivery. Their food is amazing and they only charge a dollar when you order online through our website. So, next time you are craving a slice of New York pizza, this is the best choice!

Their crust is large and thin, with plenty of toppings. You will only need to eat one or two slices to feel satisfied. Many customers also feel that this place has an amazing value, making it a great lunch option when you are on a budget.

Customers also love that the pizza recipe here matches what many people were eating in the 70s and 80s. It gives you a taste of that classic, authentic pie that many people grew up eating in the area. Regulars also rave about the sauce and cheese blend, which are both quite delicious.

Best Takeout Pizza in Albany

There are also several different takeout options that you can find in Albany. The New Yorker Pizzeria & Pasta is one of the best- they offer classic thin slices that you can easily fold in half, making them a favorite among the locals.

Locals love the customer service that is offered here. The staff does their best to make you feel comfortable and welcome within the store. You can also expect them to correct any mistakes that arise, although that does not happen often, since they always take care with their meals.

The store has a wonderful and friendly environment, making it a great place to take kids. If you are looking for somewhere to pick up dinner on the way home, they are going to be an amazing choice. We are sure you love their food.

Customers mentioned that they loved their fried chicken and pizza. No matter what you order off of their menu, we are sure that you will enjoy every bite.

Best Pizza Near Albany

Muncy Valley

Sammy’s Pizza Incorporated has amazing customer service, great food, and a great price. They offer plenty of different pizzas, making them the most popular restaurant in the city. Many people stop by for lunch while they are shopping.


DeFazio’s Pizzeria has some of the best Italian meals in town. They also have a wide selection of sides and salads on their menu. All of their pizzas are baked in an authentic Italian wood-fired oven, giving them a delicious layer of crunch to their crust.


This local place is well-loved by the people in the community. There are sandwiches, Philly steak and cheeses, plus plenty of different pizzas. Many choose them for their takeout place at lunchtime.


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