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Rochester, New York, is a suburban center that has been consistently rated among the best spots for family living in the United States. The city is home to a thriving arts community and boasts a culture all its own.

Rochester is a true foodie haven with many culinary delights to be enjoyed during a visit here. It is best known for a unique dish known as The Garbage Plate, a meal that consists of baked beans or macaroni salad that is then topped with a hamburger, cheeseburger, red or white hots, Italian sausage, fried ham, haddock, grilled cheese, or an egg. The Garbage Plate is a local specialty that is not to be missed!

Though not a southern state, the barbecue found in Rochester is considered to be second to none. One of the best-loved barbecue restaurants in the city is Dinosaur, a popular eatery that offers eclectic flair with its unique décor, fantastic service, and top-notch smoked barbecue cuisine.

But for those looking for a little simpler fare, the pizza in Rochester is the stuff of dreams. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick slice, to relax in a traditional hole-in-the-wall eatery, or to dine in style at a luxurious trattoria, Rochester has got something that’s sure to fit the bill!

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Rochester is Known for New York-Style Pizza

Since Rochester is a part of New York state, there’s only one pizza pie that can take top billing here: New York-style! Brought to the region by Italian immigrants in the early 1900s, New York-style was developed from the authentic pizza recipes from Naples. True New York-style is known by its unique crust, a flavorful blend of simple ingredients that are mixed, proofed, then hand-pulled to yield the perfect thin bottom and soft doughy handle. Cut into large triangular wedges, the leathery crust is ideal for folding in half to create the perfect bite.

The Big Apple pie is traditionally served topped with a fragrant, house-made tomato sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese. The plain slice, also referred to as a regular or a cheese slice, is extremely popular, but there are no limits when it comes to toppings for New York-style pies. You can load up your slice with toppings to your heart’s content, all piled high on top of the cheese.

Today, most New York-style slices are cooked to perfection in wood-fired or gas ovens. In their hay day, their crusts would have been baked to a slight char in ovens powered by coal.

There are lots of great places to enjoy a slice or even an entire pie in Rochester. Whether your plans include a family meal in a traditional pizzeria that feels like home, a romantic date in a clean, modern trattoria with elegant flair, or just a slice to go from a storefront shop, Rochester is a city that can deliver!

Best Delivery Pizza in Rochester

For a New York-style pie delivered to your door in a jiffy, place your order with Little Venice Pizzeria. A popular eatery offering pizza in both red and white varieties, Little Venice Pizzeria proudly offers pies in sizes ranging from the individual slice to the party size 32-piece pizza sure to be large enough to feed a crowd.

Located in a storefront on a quaint and quiet street, Little Venice Pizzeria offers in-house dining, takeout, and delivery. Its indoor seating area is small but offers character and charm to complement your meal. This beloved pizza shop is well-renowned for its exceptional customer service and lightning-speed delivery.

Little Venice Pizzeria offers a wide selection of traditional Italian fare including pizzas, salads, wings, calzones, finger foods, burgers, wraps, and more. For those looking to try a true Rochester classic, you can even sample the infamous Garbage Plate here.

Among the most popular menu items at Little Venice Pizzeria are the eggplant sub, the boneless wings, the pizza logs, and Little Vinnie’s Philly Steak Pizza complete with shaved steak, peppers, tomatoes, onions, Swiss and mozzarella cheeses.

Feeling like having pizza for supper tonight? Take the pain out of delivery by placing your order from Little Venice Pizzeria on Slice tonight!

Best Takeout Pizza in Rochester

For the best takeout service in the Rochester area, order a pie from Pontillo’s Pizzeria. Serving the Rochester area for over 70 years, Pontillo’s Pizzeria now boasts over 20 locations throughout the region. The business is still family-run with franchises leased to locals in each city. Pontillo’s Pizzeria offers slices and pies with both red and white sauces. Their sizes range from the 8” personal pan to the 16” family size. For larger gatherings, a sheet pizza is also available for purchase.

There are many toppings from which to choose, allowing you to custom create the pie of your dreams. Gluten-free pizza crusts are also available upon request.

A must-try dish is the buffalo chicken pizza, available in 12” and 16” sizes. This flavorful pie is topped with mozzarella cheese, mild chicken wing sauce, and shredded chicken tenders.

In addition to a wide range of pizza topping combinations and specialty pizzas, Pontillo’s Pizzeria also offers calzones, wings, and even a few side orders such as mozzarella sticks to make your meal complete. Thinking takeout is the way to go? Why not place an order for takeout from Pontillo’s Pizzeria with Slice today?

Best Pizza Near Rochester


Just four miles from the center of Rochester is the small town of Brighton, the home of Ken’s Pizza. Successfully serving the people of Brighton for 20 years, Ken’s Pizza is a traditional mom-and-pop joint with a focus on authentic Italian cuisine. Its menu offers a wide variety including such foods as pizza, calzones, wings, subs, strombolis, pasta, and more.

Ken’s Pizza offers in-house dining, takeout, and delivery. Among the must-try menu items are the crispy battered fries and the Ken’s classic tomato n’spinach white pizza which features garlic, olive oil, mozzarella cheese, baby spinach, sliced tomato, aromatic spices, and a generous helping of Romano cheese to finish the pie.


One of Penfield’s most popular places for a great slice or pie, you won’t want to miss the chance to enjoy a meal at Perri’s Pizzeria. The atmosphere at this much-loved eatery is reminiscent of a cheery pub that envelopes you with its warm, inviting atmosphere.

Perri’s Pizzeria makes its dough from scratch every day to ensure its freshness and quality. Its signature tomato sauce is made by hand from fragrant herbs, rich tomatoes, and lush olive oil. All of Perri’s pies are baked to a beautiful golden brown in its brick pizza ovens.


Trotto’s Pizzeria in nearby Ridgemont is a great place to enjoy a slice or pie for a family meal or a date night on the town. A business run by family, Trotto’s Pizzeria has been offering handmade, high-quality Italian fare to the people of Ridgemont for over 28 years. Each pizza is handcrafted from fresh ingredients with each pie made at the time the order is placed to ensure optimal flavor and quality. All pizza doughs, sauces, and salad dressings are made in-house from old world, tested and true recipes.


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