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Babylon is one of ten cities in Suffolk County, New York. The city borders the Atlantic Ocean to the South and Nassau County to the West. Settled in 1689, it’s a popular South Shore community. It was initially referred to as South Huntington and supplied salt, hay feed, and bedding for livestock to the Northern parts of Huntington Town. Settlers arrived at the area for easy access to fishing, boating, and clamming. The arrival of the railroad in 1867 established Babylon as a resort destination. The train travelers stopped to stay at local hotels, where they required meals during their stay. And that’s how the Babylon food scene was born. Today, residents walk into town to enjoy Zagat-rated restaurants, wine bars, and pizzerias. The city echoes diversity in its population and its cuisine. Lucky for all pizza lovers, there is plenty of Italian influence in the restaurants of Babylon. The town as a whole seems to approve of authentic Neapolitan pizza. It's always a delightful sight to see young and old at a restaurant chatting over flavorful pizza.

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Babylon is Known for Neapolitan Style Pizza

Despite Babylon being a suburb of New York, residents of Babylon favor Neapolitan-style pizza. Neapolitan pizza originates from Naples, Italy. It was a cheap and affordable delicacy among the natives. The pizza can only be prepared using fresh and simple ingredients – mozzarella cheese, basic dough, olive oil, tomatoes, and basil. A keen eye and impeccable timing are vital during the preparation of Neapolitan pizza. The pizza characteristically has a thin-crust base and an airy edge brought about by puffy dough. The crust is light, and therefore, it's easy for parts of the crust to get charred quickly during baking. Toppings on this type of pizza are usually light, ensuring the crust beneath does not break. Traditionally, Neapolitan pizza is eaten with a fork and knife, but now you also see it eaten by the slice. Pizzerias in Babylon have a vast selection of Neapolitan-style pizzas, and most of them make tasty sauces in-house, creating a sense of ownership in the pizza while remaining true to the original preparation method.

Best Delivery Pizza in Babylon

Everyone wants reliable pizza delivery. If you are looking for something quick and tasty to eat, order from The Classic New York Pizza Joint of Babylon. Located right by the Babylon railway station, the restaurant decor is influenced by the train stations of Long Island. The menu only comprises unique and delicious meals. The main focus at The Classic New York Pizza Joint is Neapolitan pizza, but they also have Sicilian, Brooklyn, and gluten-free options, too. Customers can also choose from whole pizza or pizza by the slice. The restaurant is always clean, and all ingredients used to make pizzas are high quality. The result is that everything on the menu has superior flavor. You never have to worry about freshness. Doughs from The Classic New York Pizza Joint are the perfect base to build a fantastic pizza.
Some exciting options from their menu include the Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza, the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and the Baked Ziti Pizza. The Meat Lovers Pizza is also quite popular with bacon, meatballs, pepperoni, and sausage. If you’re in the mood for something other than pizza, their menu is vast. Try their plates of baked pasta, wraps, and paninis - good on their own or with a pizza on the side.

Best Takeout Pizza in Babylon

If you want to swing by and grab a pizza on your way home for work or after running errands, order from Sal's Famous Pizzeria. This restaurant is clean and focuses on Italian dishes and pizza by the slice. If you want something while you’re waiting for your takeout, order at the counter and enjoy your snack at one of their booths. There is no table service here; it’s just a casual and friendly family-run pizzeria. Sal’s makes excellent New York-style pizza. The crust is thin and chewy, with a perfectly crisp edge, extra-creamy cheese, and a thick delicious sauce.
If you are a massive fan of anything garlicky, you will love it here. The pizzeria makes some of the best garlic knots you'll taste in Babylon. They incorporate garlic knots on their pizzas and have come up with a garlic knot crust pizza. The result is both tasty and filling.

Best Pizza Near Babylon

Deer Park

Better known as the "fruit basket" of New York, the town of Deer Park has always been known for farming. There are so many beautiful aspects to this town; you’ll find restaurants on every corner selling different culturally-based foods.
You can bet on consistent, flavorful slices from Pino's Pizza of Deer Park when it comes to pizza. Their menu is filled with unique pizzas like the Rigatoni Vodka Pie and the Sfincione Pie with caramelized onions and breadcrumbs. They have classic pizzas as well and gluten-free options.

North Babylon

One word to describe North Babylon - homey. The city comprises a tight-knit community where everyone helps one another, and everybody knows your name. It’s easy to interact and get to know the neighbors around you.
Having access to restaurants around you is one of the best parts of North Babylon. Pizzaiola is well-loved by locals and tourists. Consistently highly rated, the pizzeria serves specialty slices that taste like slices of heaven! The portions are perfect value for your money.


Copiague lies a couple of miles south of Babylon. The coastal city is graced with a serene environment and magnificent view of the ocean. It houses some reputable restaurants, bars, and pizzerias. Mama's Copiague is a solid place to get your pizza. They cook crispy pepperoni pizzas, delicious homemade garlic knots, and chicken parmesan that you will love. The restaurant is also the perfect place to try some stuffed rigatoni.


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