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The best pizza in Ballston Spa: a local guide

Ballston spa is a proper New York village in that it is home to authentic thin-crust New York pies that are rich in taste. As you’d expect, the pies are hand-tossed and feature light tomato sauce layers and mozzarella cheese on large but thin crusts. There’s always talk about the minerals in the water whenever NY pizza is mentioned and the ones you’ll find in Ballston spa are no different. Is it the reason for the great taste of the pie? The locals don’t care much for that as they’d rather spend their time digging through the delish pie than worry about whys and hows. New York pizza is great with or without toppings, so when you’re in Ballston Spa, expect the same thing. Of course, there are plenty of fresh toppings and condiments that can go on your pie here but you can bet that the pizzaiolos make it so well either way.

Best Delivery Pizza in Ballston spa

Too lazy or busy to cook? Treat yourself to awesome pizza by placing an order from Mario’s Pizza & Pasta and you’ll get your pie in record time. Ballston Spa villagers already know that Mario’s is the best spot for pizza whenever you’re hungry and need a great pie fixed and delivered to you in no time. The restaurant lies on Ellsworth Boulevard and offers a true Italian experience whenever you eat their pizza, particularly because all the pies on their extensive menu are made from fresh ingredients and they follow Italian recipes. It’s why folks here never get tired of their pizza and why you’ll be glad when you request delivery. Try out their cheese pizza, the most basic pizza, and you’ll get why there’s so much raving about their service. Place an order on Slice now to get started.

Best Takeout Pizza in Ballston spa

If you’re looking to have not just any kind of takeout pizza but supreme takeout pizza in Ballston Spa, where you should be headed is Cusato’s Pizzeria & Deli on Doubleday Avenue. This unassuming restaurant is well-known among the residents of the village, especially those that are always on the move and hardly have time to settle down for a meal. In fact, it’s their go-to place for quick and quality carryout pizza that can be consumed on the go. Why? Because the pizzaiolos here really understand what takeout pizza should be. If you’re in doubt, feel free to create your own round or square pan cheese pizza, or request for one of the house specials like the Chicken parmesan or Christina pizza just to put them to the test and you can be sure you’ll walk out of the restaurant wondering why you didn’t try them way sooner. Get started by placing an order on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Ballston spa


Some of Milton’s history is intertwined with Ballston Spa’s and you may feel as though there’s not much to this town that’s north of the village that warrants a visit. Guess what? You couldn’t be more wrong. All you need to do is spend some time exploring places like Burgess-Kimball Memorial Park, Woods Hollow Nature Preserve, or Marlene & Wilbur Trieble Passive Recreation Park and you’ll see that there’s more to the town than meets the eye. Your experience at Pizza Etc will definitely leave a lasting impression too, so be sure to try their pizza.

Saratoga Springs

Seven miles northeast of Ballston spa is the city of Saratoga Springs, a paradise for the outdoor lover and pie aficionado. From extensive nature trails to self-guided walking tours, golfing opportunities, horseback riding, and rodeo excitement, as well as water-based recreation like fishing, kayaking, boating, and rafting, you’ll be blown away by the fun that awaits you here. Visit Gennaro's Pizza Parlor to have a taste of the kind of amazing pizza that the city’s pizzerias offer.


Rest assured that your drive fourteen miles south to Schenectady will be a remarkable one that will set the tone for the wonderful time you’ll have in the city with your family and friends. Start from the historic Proctors Theatre and explore the city’s event and music venues before stretching your legs along some scenic trails. The family will enjoy the range of pie options available at All in the Family Pizzeria on Old Mariaville Road for sure.

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