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The best pizza in Franklin Square: a local guide

Pizza is the country’s sweetheart. It is loved by many people all over the US, and Franklin Square is no exception, as they also enjoy the Italian delicacy. This has been the case since the year 1976 when the first pizza restaurant opened its doors to the people of Franklin Square. There are now events, like the Franklin Square Street Fair, that encourage the consumption of street foods like pizza.

Franklin Square has quite an exquisite taste in pizza. It is evident in their choice of pizza types. While a case can be made for the various styles of pizza in the city, a special case can be made for a select few. This is because Franklin Square gives special attention to them. Some of these pizza types include New York-style pizza, Neapolitan pizza, Sicilian pizza, and gluten-free pizza. Interestingly, most pizza restaurants in Franklin Square have a more modern, trendy appearance.

In the history of Franklin Square, there is no record showing a burgeoning rise in the population of Italian immigrants. Nevertheless, the Europeans undeniably influence Franklin Square’s love for pizza. This influence is mirrored by the fact that many of the first pizzerias - some still open today - were opened by people of Italian heritage.

Franklin Square is Known for New York-style Pizza

You likely picture a typical New York-style pizza when you think of pizza. They are large and have a thin crust. The residents of Franklin Square treasure this pizza style above all others, which isn’t surprising given the town is in New York state. NY pizza is an offshoot of Naples-style pizza, although it is bigger, and the crust is thicker.

At its most basic, New York-style pizza keeps the same toppings as a traditional Neapolitan Margherita pizza: tomato sauce and cheese. New York-style uses dry, grated mozzarella cheese rather than fresh. Truly, it’s difficult to forget the sauce; it is a combination of olive oil, butter, and tomatoes plus signature seasonings that differ from pizzeria to pizzeria. The high-gluten bread flour gives New York pizza its distinctive crust. The end product is a chewy and crispy pizza full f flavor. It’s the perfect base to build a variety of pizza topping combinations. No savory topping is forbidden.

Best Pizza Delivery in Franklin Square

Pizza delivery is an art that requires full attention. Being able to provide a yummy box of pizza is one thing. Being able to do so within the period that it is needed is another. Master of both these tasks, Prince Umberto’s in Franklin Square offers Neapolitan pizza, Sicilian pizza, Grandma pizza, stuffed pizza, and gluten-free pizza. If you can think of a style of pizza, they probably make it! If you need a quick lunch, Prince Umberto’s has a whopping 20 different pizza options by the slice. How can you even choose?

In addition to pizza, Prince Umberto’s menu is stacked with homemade soups, paninis, burgers, and pasta. Whatever you do, make sure to save room for dessert. The Nutella Pizza is great for sharing, and the Tiramisu is decadent. You can even pair your gluten-free pizza with a Gluten-Free Carrot Cake.

Best Pizza Takeout in Franklin Square

No one can blame you for wanting the best. The best pizza takeout in Franklin Square is easy. That’s Chef Gigi’s Place. The restaurant is perfectly positioned on Hempstead Turnpike for easy pickup. You’ll be on your way in no time with a delicious pizza or two. Chef Gigi’s specializes in something you don’t see everywhere: black pizza. It’s called Pizza Nera and comes in three options with various toppings. They also make traditional Neapolitan pizza here with only the best ingredients. Some authentic Italian pizza toppings they use include Pacchetelle tomatoes imported from Naples, burrata cheese, and soppressata, a dry salami.

Just like the tons of options available in the pizza menu, there are numerous non-pizza items for you to explore. Chicken wings, pasta, and calzones are examples of these delicacies. No matter what you choose to order, it will be delicious. Couple their great food with excellent service and reasonable prices, and it’s hard to imagine getting takeout from anywhere else.

Best Pizza Near Franklin Square

West Hempstead

Just like Franklin Square, West Hempstead is a hamlet in Nassau County. Located within the town of Hempstead, this unincorporated area is known to be a fun place to reside. The Hempstead Lake State Park is not a place to miss, as it offers so many recreational activities.

A day for hiking and biking is a good day for pizza. Sauly’s Pizza will provide exactly what you need to enjoy the day in West Hempstead. The restaurant offers good deals on pizza by the slice or whole pie in thin-crust varieties. They have other delicacies like burgers, grilled salmon, and salads to beef up your meal.

Floral Park

You can tell from its name that Floral Park has a beautiful landscape. Enjoy the view of the town with a slice of pizza in hand in this quaint village. Get your pizza from the local favorite Ciro’s Pizza. Given the quality of their service and food, it’s no surprise that they hold a special place in people’s hearts. Their Neapolitan pizza is a wonder, and it should be treated as such. Meanwhile, you don’t want to miss out on their Sicilian pizza. It is just amazing.


Just over half an hour from Manhattan, the quiet hamlet of Elmont is a place to relax while maintaining proximity to major cities and everything they offer. If you happen to be in Elmont, head to Gino’s Pizza. From the crispy crust of their brick oven pizza to the tangy sauce of their pasta, there is no way the restaurant gets it wrong. You will hit a new height of satisfaction with each bite of pizza that you take.

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