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Goshen, located in Orange County, is about 60 miles from NYC, around an hour by car, and is said to be one of the best places to live in the state of New York. The beautiful town, small yet chock-full of history, was first settled in 1714 and now has a suburban vibe mixed with Victorian homes, new buildings, and farmland. The area is ideal for raising a new family, attracting new professionals yet still having the presence of retirees to maintain the balance of a calm New York suburb. The town has small cute cafes, traditional-style restaurants, and lovely bakeries. The historic sites, landscape with places to hike, and good food makes Goshen worth visiting!

The best pizza in Goshen: a local guide

The town of Goshen is known for their New York–style pizza. This particular style originated in the 1900s in New York City. Today it dominates the New York Metropolitan Area and New Jersey. It is usually made with a large hand-tossed thin crust. This crust is crisp and thick only along its edge and thin and soft underneath the toppings so that it can folded in half to eat, a common habit of those who enjoy them. Some traditional toppings are simply tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese, also called the Neapolitan-style pizza which was derived from Italy. This pizza style is typically sold in very large single slices.

Best Delivery Pizza in Goshen

Sorrento's Pizzeria The best, easiest, and most delicious delivery in Goshen is Sorrento´s Pizzeria. The family-owned restaurant, located in a brick building with cute white curtains in the window, is known for having very fast delivery, keeping the pie hot and crispy and good customer service. Their website is easy to navigate making it simple to order. If you like a classic gourmet pizza but with a twist, you can choose the Fresh Focaccia Pizza, or if you´re a cheese lover, the White Pizza has a mix of ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella. Now, if you´re looking to add a perfect appetizer as a side for your pizza, you may want to try the infamous buffalo wings or even maybe even the garlic knots. Everyone knows there is nothing better than dough, garlic and butter! Whatever you decide you are in the mood for, Sorrento´s won´t disappoint.

Best Takeout Pizza in Goshen

Village Pizza is located on Main Street and boasts a three-generation-long family ownership to the shop since 1983. Besides being having amazing pizza, it also supports the local community, by giving away free pizza to families who were in need and simply couldn’t afford to pay during the Pandemic. If you would like to order, the restaurant accepts pre-orders where you can schedule a specific time frame whenever is best for you to pick up. When you arrive simply call them to let them know and they will hand the pie to you outside. The payment can be done over phone, online, or by PayPal. Known for their generous servings, the shop is a piece of NYC in a small town. If you like thin crust pizza you will be in the right place. The menu has a wide selection of toppings where you can choose to go for only a slice if you´re alone or the specials if you want a family-sized meal. Being authentic from the beginning, you can´t go wrong with a classic. Village is loved among most for a reason.

Best Pizza Near Goshen


A wonderful option for pizza in Middletown, near Goshen, is John´s of Arthur Ave Restaurant. They offer a thin and crispy crust with aged grande mozzarella and the best part? Their mozzarella is made fresh every day! To make this an even better choice they usually offer deals perfect for your wallet while not holding out on flavor. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to order.


If you´re in Florida, NY, make sure to stop at Pizza Express. If you´re not too hungry you can order just a slice. The restaurant also serves gluten-free pizza and currently has no thin crust options. They boast a huge selection of all different types of food, for whatever craving you may have, from pizza to veal, to seafood. To top it off they usually offer deals so you don´t have to break the bank in order to have delicious food.


Tina´s Pizza Café & Restaurant is called a hidden gem by some in Chester, NY, because they have been around for a couple of generations making it almost a landmark in the town. They have big portions for those of us who love eating and love eating a lot of it! Tina´s offers both takeout and delivery.

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