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The best pizza in Harrison: a local guide

New York-style pizza was all the rage when the first Italians settled down to begin producing pies in Harrison and Harrison is known for New York-style pizza. While the hybrid Americanized thin crust Neapolitan pizza was what they started with, it's not the only kind of pizza you'll see on the menus of the pizzerias in Harrison today. Many pizzerias now steer away from baking only New York-style pizzas in favor of adding more traditional Italian bakes to their menus. Among those that have recently been gaining popularity with consumers are Sicilian, old-world thick crust with Italian-style toppings and grandma-style tray bakes. That's great, because where pizzas are concerned, the more variety the better.

Best delivery pizza in Harrison, New York

New York-style pizza has never been the best choice of pie to get delivered. Its characteristic thin dough base cools down too quickly and can easily turn into a disappointment when you open the box. To get the best delivery pizza in Harrison you need to order from a pizzeria like Harrison's Pizza who bake pies using a variety of different dough bases that travel a lot better. Harrison's Pizza has a premises on Halsted Avenue that's loaded up with more premade delivery boxes stacked and ready to go than it has tables and chairs. That's how busy this pizza joint is for delivery pies. They don't hang about getting your pizza to you once you've called your order in either as they have their dispatch operation completely well organized. It will take you longer to decide which pie you want from the thirty-odd they have on the menu than it will for them to bake it.

Best takeout pizza in Harrison, New York

If you've just come off duty after spending a long shift eating fireman's food in the canteen of the Harrison Fire Department building, you could probably do with a change of cuisine. The good news is you're just five minutes away from where you can get the best take-out pizza in Harrison. On Halsted Avenue there's a restaurant called Sofia's Pizza and that's precisely where you should head for. Sofia's Pizza or Mama Sofia's premises are sandwiched in a row of shops and restaurants, so not the easiest to see unless it's dark and the sign is switched on. When you spot the veritable garden on the sidewalk, you'll have found it. Mama Sofia's is a home from home for pizza lovers as they bake traditional thick crusts, Sicilian, focaccia, and grandma-style thin crust too. All the pizzas have super topping combinations, but if what's on the menu is not to your taste, they'll make you a special one that is.

Best pizza near Harrison, New York

New Rochelle

When you want a day away from Harrison that lasts from dawn to dusk, try heading eight miles southwest to New Rochelle. Start your day out with an early morning stroll along the coastline in Glen Island Park and get some great photos of David's Island across the water as the sun comes up. Spend a few hours visiting the fascinating Thomas Paine Cottage Museum to discover how the city's founder lived back in bygone times and learn the story of the Huguenots. When you've enjoyed all that New Rochelle has to offer, stop off at Pizzeria La Rosa on Russell Avenue for a pie dinner before going home.


Stamford is a city in the neighboring state of Connecticut that's around a fifteen-mile drive east along the coast from Harrison. It's a super place to spend a few hours if you're into history and nature. One of the top spots to visit in Stamford is the Caumsett State Historic Preserve. This beautiful green space on Long Island Sound consists of acres and acres of scenic countryside where you can hike, bike, and horse ride through forested areas as well as meadows. To learn more about Stamford's history, flora and fauna, and agriculture, pay a visit to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. The museum covers over a hundred acres with interesting indoor and outdoor exhibits including a mansion and farmhouses. After you've seen everything there is to see in Stamford, go to Remo's on Bedford Street for an authentic Italian pizza.

Sleepy Hollow

If you read the name Sleepy Hollow and it gave you goosebumps along with visions of a headless horseman, that's hardly surprising if you associated it with the Johnny Depp movie of the same name. Sleepy Hollow is a village fifteen miles northwest of Harrison and the place that inspired the original author of the tale, Washington Irving, to pen The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Take an exploratory walk around Sleepy Hollow and you'll come across a picturesque historic mill and mansion, an old Dutch church, and a couple of spooky cemeteries. If you hear the sound of hooves, hot leg it back to your car as fast as you can and head to Tarrytown for a pizza at Roma's Pizza and Pasta on Beekman Avenue.

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