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The best pizza in Jackson Heights: a local guide

First off, this is a neighborhood in New York State meaning that you’ll definitely come across New York pizza virtually everywhere you go, because that’s the way New Yorkers roll. Besides NY pizza, there are some other pizza styles that are quite common like Grandma pizza, deep dish pizza, and other thick crust pies. However, among all these, the pizza that’s the one true love of Jackson Heights locals is Sicilian pizza. Yes, even more than NY pie that one would naturally expect. Interestingly, there isn’t some special thing that the pizzaiolos in the community do to the Sicilian pie, nor do they invent some special way of preparing it different from what’s common or obtainable across other parts of the country. Still, there’s nothing you can do to take this pie away from the folks in Jackson Heights. At the end of the day, a person loves what a person loves, or in this case, a community.

Best Delivery Pizza in Jackson Heights

Every time anyone in Jackson Heights doesn’t want to cook but instead fancies pizza, either for lunch or dinner, the place they get it from is Due Fratelli on 37th Avenue. That’s because the restaurant has established itself as the go-to place for delivery pizza through their prompt delivery of high-quality meals every time without fail. When you add to that the fact that all their dishes are made fresh with the best ingredients, you’ll get why they have everyone’s business here. If you’ve not had a meal from Due Fratelli before, there’s a lot to choose from, be it their grandma pizza or supreme pizza, or some other pie you can create from scratch all by yourself. In the end, you're guaranteed exactly what you pictured when you placed the order. Get yours now on Slice and you’ll see that all of this is true.

Best Takeout Pizza in Jackson Heights

Nothing brings smiles to the faces of the residents of Jackson Heights faster than a box of takeout pizza from Gianni’s Pizza on Northern Pizza because that box is the symbol of dining excellence in the community. The family-run pizzeria has been serving the folks here for more than four decades, so you can tell that there’s history between the locals and the pizza place. It’s one of those places that you never get tired of visiting just for a box of their pie. It doesn’t matter which pizza you pickup from here, the one thing that’s sure is that you won’t be disappointed with the meal. No way! Parking may be quite the challenge but they make up for that by promptly treating your order so it’ll be ready for you as soon as you arrive. You’re in a better place if you place your order ahead of your arrival through Slice so you can even make use of curbside delivery service when you get there. Do that now on Slice.

Best Pizza Near Jackson Heights


The neighborhood of Elmhurst, south of Jackson Heights, has gone through a series of name changes – it used to be known originally as Middleburgh when it was established in 1652, then New Town, Newtown, and finally Elmhurst. What didn’t change is the hospitality of the residents which is one thing you’ll notice as soon as you get there. Feel free to spend time at Elmhurst Park or Moore Homestead Park with your family before you grab sumptuous pizza at Silver Spoon Diner for dinner.


If you’re looking for a diverse community in Queens, Woodside is one of the places you should visit, especially because this cultural diversity means that there are plenty of meals for you to enjoy, including pizza. You’ll get delish pie at Gino’s Pizzeria on 61st Street, so that’s a good option for lunch or dinner. Before you leave, do well to check out Doughboy Plaza or Windmiller Park for some good opportunities to get some exercise in.

North Corona

There’s probably no community in Queens with as many Italian Americans as North Corona, which means you’ll get delicious Italian cuisines here, so if you’re a fan of pizza, here’s a good place for a weekend trip with family and/or friends. Victoria’s Pizzeria Restaurant in particular stands out in the neighborhood in this regard. A top destination for some adventure and history lessons is the Louis Armstrong Museum, so feel free to check it out if you’ve got time, especially if you love art.

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