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The best pizza in Liberty: a local guide

The workers tempted to move away from the Big Apple by the promise of a life in the verdant countryside of Liberty didn't have too far to travel. Though that said, in bygone days it would have taken quite a bit longer than it does with today's modern forms of transport. The Italians may not have baked pies on their journey, but they made plenty of dough once they arrived and it wasn't long before Liberty became known for New York-style pizza.

New York-style pie is in no way a traditional Italian pizza, but it's an adaptation of the original which caught the attention of the American culinary scene when it was first introduced. The over-sized wedges of super-thin crust dough liberally smeared with a tomato sauce and topped with cheese were as popular with the farming folk as they were with city dwellers and that's something which hasn't changed at all over the decades.

Best delivery pizza in Liberty, New York

There are occasions when just the name of a pizzeria sparks the confidence that if you order from them then you'll get the best delivery pizza in Liberty. That's something that happens with Paesanos Pizzeria on Liberty's South Main Street. Paesano roughly translates to countryman, so you know you're going to get a pie made by someone who will have that genetically-inspired skill at pizza production only an Italian descendant could have.

The premises of Paesanos Pizzeria are in no way sophisticated and could do with a bit of a revamp to bring them up to date. That's not something which can be said about their pizzas though they are totally on-trend as you'll see when you open the delivery box. Go for a pie with pepperoni, a stuffed calzone or be adventurous and try their white pie topped with fish or potato croquettes. Whichever you have, it'll be a feast fit for a king.

Best takeout pizza in Liberty, New York

When you've been roving around the countryside and worked up an appetite, don't go for anything less than the best take-out pizza in Liberty. You'll find that Danny's Steakout and Pizza on the side of the NY 52 is both convenient to pull up at and they make a great pie too.

Danny's is housed in a spacious but unpretentious brick building alongside a few other stores. There's ample parking so no worries you'll have to stop on the side of the highway to pick up your pizza. Inside, Danny's has an interior that's basic, but functional and probably won't tempt you to stay. Once you have your pie in hand though, the tables and benches at the front entrance might just entice you to turn your takeout into an on-the premises picnic. If you want a pie that's easy to handle then check out their kebab-style chicken or sausage roll pizza.

Best pizza near Liberty, New York


Head south out of Liberty and less than twenty miles away is a small town called Monticello where there's quite a lot more excitement going on than you might expect. The town's quiet streets belie the fact that Monticello is home to both a very popular circuit for equestrian harness racing and a major casino resort. The amazing pies from the Colosseo Family Restaurant and Pizzeria on Raceway Road are a well-kept secret too so don't miss trying one when you're there.


To visit a place that has a mix of culture and nature take the E55 out of Liberty and drive for about fifteen miles to Bethel. Historically the location for the Woodstock Festival, Bethel has more to offer than peace, love, and music. The town is located on the edge of the Lake Superior State Park and just outside to the north is the Bethel Woods Art Center. You don't need to be a hippy to appreciate the artworks there or the pizzas from the Woodstock Oasis pizzeria on the NY 17-B.


Neversink has one of the strangest names a town could be blessed with. It's one that originates from the Algonquian language for mad river which is the name they gave to the Neversink River that runs through the town. Neversink River is reputed to be the place where fly fishing was first practiced in the US. Whether that is true or not no one really knows, but one thing for sure is that the only place you'll hook a good pizza in Neversink is at the local General Store.

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