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The best pizza in Merrick: a local guide

Merrick is a hamlet in New York located in the Town of Hempstead, Nassau County, on the South Shore of Long Island. The place is home to Norman J. Levy Park Preserve, Cow Meadow Park, and Jones Beach. Merrick is host to several festivals, most of which feature drinking, dancing, and foods such as pizza. Some of these festivals are the NY Best Wings Fest, and the Chili and Chicken Wing Festival. It is also home to numerous pizzerias that serve incredible pizzas and other dishes to customers, which usually comprise residents and students, and sometimes tourists. Some of the pizzerias include Little Cucina Pizzeria, Gino's of Merrick, Michael Anthony's Pizza, Tomato and Basil Pizzeria, and many others. The majority of Merrick's population is made up of children and young adults who prefer takeout and delivery pizza over the elderly who prefer a sit-down experience.

Merrick is known for Sicilian pizza

Sicilian pizza is served in many Merrick restaurants. This pizza style is so popular there that it has become the favorite of the people of Merrick. The different pizzerias serve their Sicilian pizza in slightly different ways; some of the pizzerias give you the power to create your own Sicilian pizza. Some serve theirs in slices, while others have a whole category on the menu devoted to Sicilian pizza, which ranges from Sicilian grandma pizza, Sicilian grandpa pizza, to the more traditional Sicilian cheese pizza. This pizza is loved for several reasons: first for the great taste; then for its nature as a soft, chewy, and spongy pizza. This pizza style is a rectangular, thick-crusted pizza that originated in Sicily, Italy, and is traditionally topped with onions, anchovies, tomatoes, herbs, and strong cheese.

Best Delivery Pizza in Merrick

Getting delivery pizza can sometimes be an unnecessary hassle, probably due to the delivery time, impolite staff, plain bad pizza, or a mixture of them, but many pizzerias have taken their time to bring you remarkable delivery pizza. The pizzeria with the best delivery pizza in Merrick is Michael Anthony's. This old pizzeria brings you wonderful and beautifully crusted pizza. The pizza is sumptuous, crispy, and well cooked. The delivery is timely, and the delivery staff is friendly. In addition to the delivery service, the pizzeria provides remarkable takeaway and dine-in services. They also provide a wheelchair-accessible entrance and kid-friendly amenities in a casual space that usually sees groups of people and university students. Michael Anthony's offers tasty comfort foods and quick bites. They serve customers Sicilian pizza, gluten-free pizza, vegan cheese pizza, grandma pizza, chicken marsala pizza, deep-dish pizza, and other appetizers, soups, salads, side orders, calzones, strombolis, rolls, and many more. Place an order with Slice now to get one of these tasty pizzas.

Best Takeout Pizza in Merrick

For the best takeout experience in Merrick, visit Gino's of Merrick, which serves fantastic takeout pizza topped with tasty toppings and prepared by a talented chef. You get it hot and savory, as well as crispy, chewy, or crunchy, and the golden-brown color of a well-prepared takeout is never missing. The pizza is also timely and served by an attentive and respectful staff. Gino’s provides an exquisite delivery and dine-in experience. They have a wheelchair-accessible entrance with high chairs and kid-friendly amenities. The pizzeria has a casual ambiance and is able to accommodate groups. They are also very popular for their lunch, dinner, and solo dining options. Gino's serves delicious stuffed pizza and Sicilian pizza of varying types, salad pizza, baked ziti pizza, appetizers, soups, side orders, calzones, rolls, burgers, pasta dishes, seafood dishes, and more. Go online to Slice today to see more pizza in Merrick.

Best Pizza near Merrick


Syosset is located in Nassau County, on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. It is also called Little East Woods or Locust Grove. It is home to the annual Syosset Spring Festival and the Syosset Fall Festival. The best pizzeria in Syosset is Mario's Pizzeria, which is a family-style pizzeria that has booth seating and offers a variety of pies and classic pasta entrees. They provide wonderful delivery, dine-in, and takeaway services.


The town of Babylon is a highly populated town in Suffolk County, New York. It is home to the NY Best Wings Fest, the Long Island Feast Fest, and the Carltun Food and Wine Festival, which features drinks, performances, and delicacies such as pizza. The best pizzeria in Babylon is Sal's Famous Pizzeria, which brings you authentic Italian dishes and unique pizza selections in the form of delivery, dine-in, and takeaway. The pizzeria is close to Babylon Train Station. It has a casual and cozy atmosphere with kid-friendly amenities.


Cedarhurst is located in Hempstead, in Nassau County, on the South Shore of Long Island. It is home to Cedarhurst Park and the Rock Hall Museum. The best pizzeria in Cedarhurst is Pizza'le. Pizza'le prides itself on being a restaurant serving the best kosher pizza and sushi in Five Towns. They provide dine-in, delivery, and takeaway services in addition to curbside pickup in a well-ventilated, casual atmosphere with a wheelchair-accessible entrance, seating, and toilet.

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