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New York has established itself well in the pizza market, and it's hard to find a town without multiple pizzerias offering different types of pizza. Monticello hasn't been left behind even though the population is less than 10,000. The city has several pizzerias which have been capable of meeting the pizza demands. When you plan to visit Monticello, don't worry about getting a tasty pizza since you will have various options to choose from on Slice. Pizza came to New York in the early 20th century but got to Monticello later in the 1970s when the first pizzeria was established. Since then, it has been a favourite meal for the locals where different styles are adored. Monticello, which is famous for holding the Raceway events, attracts many people from across the country. The events help the food industry get more orders, leading to the popularity of pizza in the area. The NY Food & Drink Festival brings many pizza and food lovers together in Monticello, making huge pizza sales. The town has many people between 18 and 64 who tend to be pizza lovers, which has helped pizzerias stay in business and improve pizza making.

The best pizza in Monticello: a local guide

When you get to New York, it's a must to taste what the town has to offer to locals and tourists. New York-style pizza dominates most of the pizzerias in Monticello, and they all make mouth-watering dishes you cannot resist. Pizza was brought to Monticello by Italian immigrants who decided to settle in the area and share their heritage. Since then, pizza became common, and pizzerias introduced a style that could differentiate their pizzas from other places while maintaining its authenticity. People in New York consume over half a million pizzas daily, meaning every town has a considerable contribution towards the figure, including Monticello. A New York-style pizza has a large thin crust that is hand-tossed, and you can choose the toppings on the mozzarella cheese. The large pieces of the pizza enable the eater to fold them while eating. In Monticello, you can find pizzerias that make some delectable New York-style pizzas at an affordable price when ordering on Slice.

Best Delivery Pizza in Monticello, New York

Food delivery has become common in every restaurant around Monticello. New technological trends have impacted the growth of the food industry, and you can now order on Slice and get your pizza delivered in a few minutes at your door. You can check various pizzerias offering different types of pizza, and you can choose the best on Slice and order. Albella is an Italian pizzeria in Monticello serving the residents with the best New York-style pizzas you could want to eat. The family-owned and managed pizzeria has been making pizzas for over 25 years. They offer some world-class specialties which will make your taste buds want to try all their menu offerings. They also offer entrees, appetizers, wraps, pasta, subs and many more. Albella allows its customers to choose the toppings they need on their pizza. You can enjoy your meal from Albella either as delivery or takeout, and you will enjoy the fair prices. Why starve when you can enjoy a delicious meal by ordering on Slice?

Best Takeout Pizza in Monticello, New York

Takeout has been around for many years,but now you can make an online order. Takeout or takeaway allows you to order a quick meal, and you carry it home with you. It will enable you to reduce the time you could have wasted while eating at a pizzeria. Most pizzerias in Monticello embrace online takeout pizza by partnering with Slice for customers to make an order. Colosseo pizzeria has served Monticello residents with the best pizzas, and you can customize the pizza you want to be prepared. The restaurant specializes in all types of pizza; thus, it's the best place to order a quick takeout pizza in Monticello. Colosseo also offers cheesesteak sandwiches, rolls, soups, salads, and you can order more on Slice. Colosseo pizzeria uses a wood-fired oven to make their pizzas, ensuring the authenticity of the pizza is maintained. You can choose a wide variety of food from their extensive menu offerings. The pizza dough is prepared daily using fresh ingredients sourced from the local markets. Colosseo pizzeria has pocket-friendly prices, which also contribute to the reason the pizzeria is treasured by many. For a quick and tasty takeout pizza, order on Slice and receive it while hot and fresh.

Best Pizza Near Monticello


The town lies 28 miles southwest of Monticello and is home to award-winning pizzerias making some delicious pizzas. Marco's Pizza is a branch of the chain restaurant, and it's known for offering the best Sicilian, gluten-free, deep-dish pizza and other types of pizza. The pizzeria has been serving the residents with delectable pizzas since opening. The pizzeria allows you to choose the toppings to be used on your pizza, and their prices are pocket-friendly for all people in town. You can also add some specialty salads, soups, appetizers, baked rolls, and more to your order.

Port Jervis

You will only need roughly 30 minutes to travel south of Monticello to enjoy some delectable Italian pizzas in Port Jervis. A Taste of Sicily offers customers a chance to enjoy a Sicilian pizza that tastes like one in Sicily, Italy. The pizzeria has served the locals for decades and is the best place to order vegetarian or gluten-free pizza options. The pizzeria uses fresh ingredients to prepare their pizza and other dishes ensuring they stay fresh for long. You can also order cold heroes, wraps, specialty burgers, baked pasta, seafood and more.


Newburgh is roughly one hour away from Monticello and is home to high-quality pizzas, leaving your taste bud wanting to eat more. Barile's Planet Pizza is a household name for making tasty Italian-style pizzas such as Sicilian and gluten-free pizza. The pizzeria allows you to choose the toppings on your pizza and offer various pizza options. The Barile's also offers soups, buffalo wings, calzones, wraps, strombolis and more. You can enjoy your meal as delivery, takeout or dining by ordering on Slice for a better experience.

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