Top Pizza Restaurants in Mt Vernon, NY in 2024 Near You

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Mount Vernon is a comfortable suburb that provides a great way to be near the hustle and bustle of New York City, without having to be right in the middle. With 67,000 people, it is the eighth-most populous city, helping visitors and residents alike to find plenty of unique and interesting things to do each day.

While exploring all of the beauty that comes with the town of Mount Vernon, you may decide that you are hungry at some point. Finding the right piece of pizza will make a world of difference and there are many choices to work with.

Whether you need a tasty slice while walking around or you would like to bring a pizza home to the whole family, let us help you find the best pizza in the whole town.

The best pizza in Mt Vernon: a local guide

You can’t go far in New York without seeing signs for New York-style pizza. But Mount Vernon has some of the best around.

A New York style pizza has a thin crust that is very large, making it a whole meal if an individual decides to eat it. The cheese is gooey and has a bit of grease on it thanks to the olive oil on top. The crust should be crispy and fresh.

Customers can choose the type of toppings that they would like on the New York style, though lots of meats are a popular option. Just make sure to get one with the perfect crust and large slices.

Best Delivery Pizza in Mount Vernon

If you are looking to get a quick delivery of pizza to your area then look no further than Johnny’s Pizzeria. They provide some of the best pizzas in the area, including all of the freshest toppings that you want.

This pizza shop is able to make the pizza perfect each time. They also have a way to create a whole meal in one stop. Choose from some of their tasty soups and salads to get the meal started or go with some of the fresh Stromboli when you want to mix things up a bit.

Their specialty pizzas are going to be some of your favorites when you live in the Mount Vernon area. Their Old Way is made with lots of mozzarella cheese on the bottom and a homemade tomato sauce on the top. The Round Robin includes sausages, onion, sweet peppers, mushrooms, and pepperoni.

Best Takeout Pizza in Mount Vernon

If you want to pick up a pizza on the go when you are late getting home, then Louie and Ernie’s Pizza is the one place you should stop. Take a look at some of the pizzas on the tables around you and your mouth will start to water.

This pizza is so good, it has been mentioned in NYC’s Best Pizza Slices and A Slice of New York Pizza History, so you know that you are getting something tasty and delicious when you take a bite. The service is amazing and the atmosphere is so inviting, you will want to come in and sit down all night long.

Everyone recommends trying out the Godfather pizza and sitting out back to get the true experience, but you can’t go wrong with any of their pizzas when it is time to go.

Best Pizza Near Mount Vernon


Do not miss out on visiting Andriaccio’s when you are in the Mayville area. This is a cute little Italian restaurant that originally opened in 1982. They offer a full menu that has a ton of flavorful recipes. While you can’t go wrong with any of the food that they offer, we recommend that you try out the Neapolitan pizza while you are there.


One of the best places to spend your time and get a good slice of pizza while in Oneonta is Tino’s Pizza. They offer a unique option of Cold Cheese Pizza. This is a hot and delicious pizza with the perfect amount of cold mozzarella cheese put on the top to help you have a truly delightful taste in your mouth the whole day.


The Nines is a great spot to check out when you are in the area. This is a tasty treat for any palate. Turn it into a date night and spend some time listening to great music. Whether you want to go with the traditional round pies or you want a deep-dish pizza, you will be counting down the days until you can come back.

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