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The best pizza in New Hyde Park: a local guide

Grandma-style pizza's evolution in Long Island counties, including Nassau, has been utterly unique. The Italian migrants and day laborers, constrained by their means, used to scrounge together scraps and make a pizza that looked like a pan-stretched Sicilian pizza but was quite different from it. The dough was barely leavened, leading the final product to be denser and thinner. The pan had to be heavily drenched with oil to be made without an oven and cooked on a run-of-the-mill stove. These modest and unassuming pies have now become so popular that locals make pilgrimages to places like New Hyde Park only so they may get an authentic homestyle pizza experience at local shops. Today instead of grandma-style being considered a derogatory remark, it has become a name that respects tradition and simplicity.

Best Delivery Pizza in New Hyde Park, NY

The best delivery pizza in New Hyde Park is probably Gigi's Pizza. Located near the Cohen Children's Medical Center, this Italian food joint is legendary in its status and clout. Their grandma-style pizzas are famous all through the tri-state area. Thin square crispy dough, topped with supple and vivacious oregano-infused tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella cheese, truly deserves to be raved about. The rustic interior and unassuming Pizza parlor one sees upon entering the shop are pleasantly disarming. Especially if a couple of kids are tagging along with you on a family night out. The cordial staff and quick service are not shabby either. Their Fettuccini carbonara pasta is very creamy and adequately portioned. They have a wide variety of fresh salads, and their calamari marinara is quite decent as well. In precis, making a trip to Gigi's Pizza for a grandma slice and some pasta would be a trip worth taking. You can order your pizza through Slice to get the fastest delivery in the area.

Best Takeout Pizza in New Hyde Park, NY

It's uncommon to have a pizzeria that offers kosher as well as gluten-free items on their menu. Green Olive Kosher Pizza is a unique place like that. With their free curbside pickup, home delivery, and a fantastic lineup of Italian staples, it is arguably the best takeout pizza spot in town. This unassuming store in the corner of a strip mall produces some of the most uniquely flavored pizzas in the region.

The store can seat only about ten people at a time; therefore, getting your order during rush hours could become a serious hassle. So takeout is probably the best option considering everything. However, then you'd be missing upon the remarkable hospitality of the owner, who seems to treat every customer like they are guests in his house. You can somehow taste the sheer love and homeliness in everything that he brings on to your table. Their GMO-free whole wheat leavened dough makes the best and tastiest pizzas. The store has become an overnight sensation with their amazing falafels and beignet-sized bread floating in garlic parmesan sauce. The dining experience is so extraordinary that the memorable taste of these foods will continue to make you smile long after you have left this restaurant. If you are looking for the best takeout pizzas of New Hyde Park, try ordering with Slice for the best services.

Best Pizza Near New Hyde Park, NY


Mineola is 2.3 miles in the southeast direction of New Hyde Park. Both these areas are pretty similar in terms of their population demographics and culinary influences. One of the best pizza spots in Mineola is Spaghettini Pizzeria. This Italian restaurant serves up more than just great pizza but cooks up yummy Italian food as well. Generous portions and quality ingredients make this eatery a local standout. Try their Sicilian pizzas, Penne Melenzane, Veal Bruschetta, and Seafood Frutta di Mare. Get the fast delivery in Mineola by ordering through Slice.

Floral Park

Traveling southeast on Lakeville Road from New Hyde Park, one arrives in tiny Floral Park village in just about 5 minutes. With an informal pizza parlor on the front and an elaborate dining hall in the back, Ciro's Pizza is arguably the best pizzeria and Italian café in Floral Park. Pizzas have always been their main attraction, but they serve just as good manicotti, ravioli, and minestrone. Get the fast delivery in Floral Park by ordering through Slice.


Elmont, NY, USA, is 3.4 miles south of New Hyde Park. Being a hamlet and census-designated place, it is pretty safe and prosperous. With its proximity to Queens, NY, the cuisine and lifestyle in both areas are pretty similar. D'Anna's Pizzeria & Restaurant is the best place in the area to satiate your cravings for some heartwarming Italian food. Their upside-down Sicilian pizza and Quattro Stagioni, four seasons pizza, are not just stimulating but highly delicious. Get the fast delivery in Elmont by ordering through Slice.

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