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The best pizza in Port Chester: a local guide

Sicilian-style pizza originated from Palermo in Italy. The pizza has travelled far and wide and gained favor among residents of Port Chester. The pizza is baked with a heavy dough in a brick oven or a square baking pan with generous amounts of olive oil. The dough is given ample time to rise, so the pizza crust turns out fried with a consistently crisp but partly charred golden-brown base. Although it may appear heavy and blocky, in actuality, it is light and fluffy and similar in texture to focaccia bread. Most restaurants serve their Sicilian pizza layered with melted mozzarella cheese under thick tomato sauce, made in-house by individual pizzerias. Unlike in most pizza styles, the sauce used on Sicilian pizza is thick and is placed over the cheese; this is to avoid the tomato sauce being soaked up by the fluffy dough. Nobody wants a soggy pizza!

Best Delivery Pizza in Port Chester

If you want authentic Italian pizzas, then Frank's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is the perfect place to get your next delivery. The restaurant has a family ambience and caters to delicious food, and has a menu that targets everyone. The staff at the restaurant are personable and are more than happy to accommodate you. Frank's offers a few different types of crust: classic New York-style hand-tossed, Sicilian, and both thick and thin pan crusts. Opt to let the crust and cheese speak for itself or customize your preferred crust with any of their fresh toppings. While the pizzeria may be considered upscale, their pizzas are consistently delightful with creative names on the menu. Try their Chicken Scarpariello Artisan Square Pan Pizza. The pizza is topped with sauteed sweet and hot peppers in a garlic white wine sauce. Simply divine. Pasta, pork chops, hamburgers, and appetizers in addition to the pizza keep their loyal customers coming back again and again.

Best Takeout Pizza in Port Chester

If you are looking for a reliable place to order takeout pizza, John's of Arthur Ave would be a great option. Their pizzas nail every single component. From sweet tomato sauce with a hint of spice to perfectly melted creamy mozzarella cheese on a crisp, fluffy crust. Their pizza menu consists of mainly two styles of pizza. The first is Naples-style pizza, served with an extra thin crust and fresh homemade mozzarella or smoked mozzarella. The second is Arthur Avenue-style pizza served thin and crispy with a zesty sauce and premium mozzarella. There is a selection of gluten-free pizza, whole wheat pizza, and cauliflower crust pizza as well. Try the Arthur Avenue Special Pizza with crumbled sausage or the Pizza Funghi with a rosemary crust and white truffle oil if you’re looking for recommendations. Simply put, you get all your favorite pizzas served under one roof at John’s of Arthur Ave.

Best Pizza Near Port Chester


Rye is a city with boutiques and breath-taking views of Long Island all year long. There is a beach where you can walk around, go on a run, or have a picnic with your friends. Downtown Rye is relatively small but has nice restaurants for a casual lunch or a fancier dinner. Have you been to Rye if you haven't had a taste of pizza from Valtori Pizza Kitchen? Maybe not. Their pizzas are handmade and incorporate locally sourced fresh ingredients, a "secret recipe" sauce, and creamy low moisture mozzarella. Valtori’s pizzas are consistently excellent. If you intend on trying something different from their menu, their chicken Francese or Chicken Parmesan would be a great place to start.


Harrison is a beautiful town in Westchester, New York that provides a safe and secure feel to its close-knit community. Though the town is calm and quiet, it still has much to offer. The downtown area provides parks with different activities and excellent restaurants serving Italian, Latin, and Japanese cuisines. If you are ever in Harrison, be sure to dine in at Sofia's Pizza Restaurant. The pizzeria serves top-notch giant slices of New York-style pizza. The crust is crispy with shredded mozzarella and a layer of light sauce. You can tell the quality of the ingredients from a single bite. Their soups, salads, and appetizers are all tasty pizza pairings.


Greenwich is a beautiful, upscale town on Connecticut's southwest shoreline. The moderately populated community provides great restaurants and an easy commute to Manhattan. If you think you can only find authentic pizza in New York City, it's evident you haven't been to Planet Pizza in Greenwich. All primary ingredients used in the pizzeria are special, from the fresh dough prepared daily to their aged Wisconsin mozzarella cheese to their tasty sauce. Their menu offers a variety of pizzas, intending to capture everyone's preference.

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