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Sunnyside is a historic neighborhood in the Queens district of New York City. Originally a farming hamlet, Sunnyside developed into a desirable residential area after the construction of the Queensboro Bridge over the East River was finished in 1909. Many examples of the Art Deco buildings erected during Sunnyside's rapid expansion are still standing and give the area a unique character.

Sunnyside was and still is a neighborhood focused toward the working-class residents of the city. In the mid-1920s a sixteen-block section of it was designated for development in a groundbreaking project copied from town planners in Great Britain. The end result was Sunnyside Gardens which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sunnyside was a great part of New York for migrant workers to live in. It attracted people from many different nations including Italians. Not only did the Italians relocate their homes there, they opened restaurants and pizzerias to satisfy a growing need in the local community for dining out.

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Sunnyside in New York is known for New York-style pizza

Not surprisingly, Sunnyside is known for New York-style pizza. It's a pie trend that took the city by storm and spread through districts and neighborhoods faster than a wildfire. Sunnyside didn't escape and since New York-style pizza came into being in the early 1900s, it's been the most popular pizza in Sunnyside ever since. The uncomplicated pie is an adapted version of a traditional pizza from the Naples region of Italy. Initially served with just tomato sauce topped with grated mozzarella which melted when cooked, now many additional ingredients are used in its preparation. The dough base always remains the same though. Thin, extra large, circular in shape, and sliced into generously sized wedges for serving. Another of the features of a New York-style pie that makes it different from a normal pizza is the way the slices can be doubled over but still remain a reasonable thickness to bite down on.

Best delivery pizza in Sunnyside, New York

When you want to get a pizza delivered you want one that arrives quickly and in exactly the way you imagined it would look when you opened the box. Avoid disappointment all round by getting the best delivery pizza in Sunnyside by ordering one from Uncle Jimmy's Pizzeria. Uncle Jimmy's is a testament to the fact that you don't need large premises to make and dispatch great pies. From Uncle Jimmy's on 49th Street pick-up and delivery are the mainstay of the business as there are only a few small tables for seating clients. That means no hold-ups with sending out orders so your pizza arrives freshly made and still steaming with a delicious cheesy aroma. Uncle Jimmy's doesn't just make New York-style pizza, they also do a full range of Grandma and Grandpa-style pies for delivery as well as white pizzas and pizzas with toppings of your choice.

Best takeout pizza in Sunnyside, New York

If you've been wandering around exploring the historic district of Sunnyside Gardens, you'll be in the right place to pick up the best take-out pizza in Sunnyside. Head over to Greenpoint Avenue and there you’ll find Marabella Pizza. The pizzeria is right on the end of a block and faces out onto the avenue so there's not much chance you'll walk straight past the building it's in. The red, white, and green awnings are pretty eye-catching too and a good indication of what they do inside. What they do inside Greenpoint Avenue is make great pizza. Marabella is a pizzeria that serves the local community, so not only can you grab a slice to take out, they make family or one person size pies as well as offering a pizza-making kit you can take home and bake yourself when you're ready.

Best pizza near Sunnyside, New York


When you're in need of a culture fix you won't have far to go from Sunnyside to find it in Astoria. Astoria is one of the neighborhoods which border Sunnyside and home to some fascinating museums. Spend half a day browsing the exhibits in the Museum of Moving Images then take a table at Rosa's Pizza on 21st Street for lunch before passing the afternoon in the Noguchi Museum among the creations of sculptor Isamu Noguchi.


Take a trip across the East River to pass the day exploring Manhattan. There you can take a stroll around part of Central Park, visit the animals in Central Park Zoo, go up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building and take photos of the Statue of Liberty across the water. Then enjoy the Manhattan buzz while dining on New York-style pie at Little Italy Pizza on East 33rd Street.

North Valley Stream

Escape all the chaos of the city suburbs by heading twenty miles south-east out of Sunnyside to North Valley Stream. There you can lose yourself in the verdant acres of the Valley Stream State Park. There are paved and unpaved trails winding through forested land and alongside burbling brooks. It's a great place to get back to nature without having to travel too far. Before heading back to Sunnyside, stop for a pizza at Eddie D's on Central Avenue.

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