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The best pizza in Warwick: a local guide

Benjamin Aske established this land in early 1700, and named his patent land “Warwick." Since then, the population of this town grew at a fast pace until 1765. The primary earning source of the population is harvesting and agriculture. This town hosts the annual outdoor festival called “Apple Fest” in October and Hudson Valley Jazz Festival in summer. This activity brings many visitors worldwide, having diversified cultures and various culinary options. The residents of Warwick love to try a new taste, and there is a trend of outdoor dining in the town. The restaurants offer a good range of dishes, including Italian, Mexican, and American cuisines. The primary inclination of the residents is towards Italian pizzas, and you can get tasty and healthy Italian-style pizzas from different pizzerias of the town. Warwick is surrounded by small cities like Tuxedo Park, Greenwood Lake, and Harriman having almost identical eating trends.

Warwick is known for its Italian Style Pizza

The pizzerias of Warwick are well known for selling Italian-style pizzas. The people of the town always prefer Italian pizzas available in local pizza shops of the city. Pizzerias in Warwick epitomize the maxim that freshness is everything. The pizzerias provide full liberty to select the ingredients in pizza toppings, from meaty options to a full vegetarian range. The traditional toppings of the Italian pizza include Italian sausage, black and green olives, pepperoni, green pepper, mushroom, onion, and tomatoes on top. Then a pile of mozzarella cheese is added to give extra flavor and texture. The customers always prefer fresh and healthy ingredients with quick service. Besides Italian-style pizza, people like grandma and cheese Neapolitan pizza varieties available in the town.

Best Delivery Pizza in Warwick

François pizzeria, located at Elm Street in Warwick, is known for its Neapolitan style pizza delivery. This pizza shop also provides a dine-in option to the customers. A family owns the restaurant, and all members put effort into bringing the best dishes with a homey touch. The decor of the place also gives you homey vibes. The staff of this pizzeria is very professional, having great concern for their valued customers. They are always willing to guide the visitors about their budget-friendly deals and offers. The customers are served fresh and hot food withouta long wait time. The primary attraction for the visitors is the presence of the owners and their concern about the taste. The customers enjoy their gluten-free pizza and pasta options as well. The pizzas are made in a brick oven which gives a smoky flavor to the pizza. Other than pizza options, they have several dishes, including different appetizers, subs, salads, pasta, and seafood. Order your pizza through Slice to get the fastest delivery in the area.

Best Takeout Pizza in Warwick

Frank's Pizzeria is one of the best pizza places in the town, offering Italian-style pizza to the customers. The shop is located at 64 Main Street in Warwick. This restaurant offers its customers a wide range of tasty pizzas with dine-in ambiance and efficient takeout service. The pizzeria has vegan, vegetarian, white, and meat lover pizzas. The specialty of this shop is the double-decker style stuffed pizzas, available with different stuffing ingredients. Besides the pizza range, the restaurant has many dishes for lunch and dinner, including chicken, vegetables, and seafood. The takeout service of this restaurant is very efficient. The customers enjoy the fresh ingredients till their last bite. Overall, this place is among the top restaurants customers love to revisit. You can order your pizza through Slice to get the fastest delivery in the area.

Best Pizza Near Warwick

Tuxedo Park

There are 18 miles from Warwick to Tuxedo Park in a northwest direction. Keystone Hoagies is the best pizza provider in the town. This shop serves freshly baked and hot pizzas on wood-fired brick ovens. The menu includes premium pizzas, wings, ribs, meatballs, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. The staff is friendly and polite. Besides pizza, their appetizers, salad bar, and a range of drinks are a top favorite. Customers admire the cleanliness of the restaurant and visit the place repeatedly.

Greenwood Lake

Nine miles in a southeast direction, this area was settled by Europeans in the 1700s as a farming community. 4 Brothers Pizzeria and Restaurant is considered the best pizza shop in the town. Their menu consists of a large variety including soup, salads, ribs, calzone and Stromboli and definitely a good range of pizzas. The 'every day special deals' has a main attraction for the customers, and many visitors come to enjoy different pizzas in the affordable price range. People love the ‘crazy chicken pizza’ the most. Get fast delivery in the area by ordering through Slice.


It takes about 33 minutes to cover 20 miles from Harriman to Warwick in a northeast direction. Marina Restaurant & Pizza is the best pizzeria where customers enjoy the tastiest and best quality pizzas at affordable prices. They use traditional family recipes with top-quality ingredients. Excellence is the prime focus and they serve pizza in generous quantity to the customers. Customers can enjoy seafood, wraps, salads, soups, and different pizzas on the menu. Get the fast delivery in Harriman by ordering through Slice.

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