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The best pizza in Watertown: a local guide

This is Watertown and what you should expect to find here if you love pizza is New York pizza. Why’s that? The city is a classic New York community that’s known for its love for the delicious authentic thin-crust pie that was locally adapted from the Neapolitan style that Italians brought. Rest assured that the thin crust pizza you’ll find in any pizzeria in the city will have a chewy and thick but soft outer crust that you’ll be able to fold and enjoy on the move. After all, what’s New York pizza if you can’t fold and eat the slice on the go? Even though there’s a common love for mozzarella cheese here, a number of locals here have preferences when it comes to the sauce that goes on the pie. These range from traditional red tomato sauce, to garlic spread (white), BBQ, pesto, and marinara. As far as toppings go, it’s a case of loading up as much as you desire because there are a plethora of options to choose from here. Some of the common toppings are pepperoni, salami, sausage, ham, bacon, and meatballs.

Best Delivery Pizza in Watertown

Since Bernardo’s Pizzeria was established in Watertown in 2004, they have won the hearts of the residents in the city through their excellent pizza delivery service, which makes them the first pizzeria that comes to mind anytime the locals want to place an order for pizza delivery. Having distinguished themselves through their robust delivery network, top-of-the-line service, prompt delivery, and attention to detail, Bernardo’s continues to retain the top spot within the city. The wide range of tasty pizza options available here, such as chicken wing pizza, pesto pizza, steak pizza, taco pizza, among others, are made from the best ingredients which are always fresh and that make their pies different. They cook the crust right, don’t skimp on the toppings, and are gracious with the flavorful sauce and cheese. Place an order for your own pizza now on Slice to share in the experience.

Best Takeout Pizza in Watertown

Every time you want to carry out pizza for dinner with family or a hangout with friends, Papa Tino’s Pizzeria is the place you should be visiting for that pie. Anywhere else and what you’ll be getting is the second-best takeout pizza in the city if you’re lucky. The pizza chefs and the entire team at Papa Tino’s have only thing in mind and that’s for you to thoroughly enjoy every single bite of the pizza you carry out of their restaurant, which is why they don’t joke with using fresh ingredients and carefully cooking your pie so it comes out just the way you pictured. The restaurant itself on Mill Street has a colorful brick decoration style and enough places to sit while you wait for your order to be ready. There’s ample parking space too and you can have your pie brought to your car when you arrive for pickup.

Best Pizza Near Watertown


The small community of Dexter lies northwest of Watertown at the point where Black River meets Lake Ontario at the end of the Seaway Trail. Here, as you can already guess from its location, there are good opportunities for hiking and a host of water-based recreation activities such as boating, fishing, canoeing, and whitewater rafting. A good way to wrap up the fun is to grab a bite of delectable pie at All Out Pizza & More in the village.


Brownville is the place to go if you’re a lover of the arts. This village, originally inhabited by the Oneida people and settled around 1800, features several sites where you can pursue your interest in arts and culture such as the Flatwater Folk Art Museum, Brownville Concert Hall, Brownville Village Center, and Brownville Railroad History Center and Museum. Come along with your camera too because you’ll be needing it, and don’t leave without checking out Nonna Dina Pizzeria to know what the rave about the restaurant’s pizza is about.

Sackets Harbor

The village of Sackets Harbor overlooks the beautiful Lake Ontario and features tree-lined streets, historic architecture and sites, breathtaking sights, and lots more. This village is particularly perfect for family vacations as there are plenty of family-based recreation activities available in the village hotspots. So, feel free to spend a day fishing, exploring the battlefield historic site, or enjoying casual strolls on the Heritage Trail. When you’re done, there’s no better place to grab dinner than at Good Fello’s where the village’s best pies are served.

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