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Aston is a small town in Pennsylvania, home to just under 20,000 people. The town's sights include Linvilla Orchards, Tyler Arboretum, and Chester Creek. Locals and visitors alike love the picnic areas in the arboretum, and picking fruit at the orchards during the fruit season! It is a great place to visit and change up your scenery.

In Aston, there are plenty of locally-owned restaurants, shops, and most importantly, pizzerias! Some are family-style Italian dine-in restaurants and others are old-fashioned holes in the walls. If you are in Aston and looking for a place to grab a slice or a pie, look no further than this page!

Here, we will tell you all about our picks for best delivery, takeout, and other highlights on the pizzeria scene right here in Aston, including veggie pizzas. So without further ado, let’s get into the star of today's show: pizza!

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Aston is Known for Tomato Pie Pizza

Aston is quite close to Philadelphia, home of the tomato pie, which makes it a favorite of the locals. The tomato-style pizza is not like your average pizza where it is composed of dough, sauce, and then cheese. Tomato pie is made with a square crust, similar to a Sicilian crust. Then, it gets a thin layer of cheese or sometimes no cheese at all.

Lastly, it is topped off with a flavorful tomato sauce that seals the deal. If a customer wants toppings, usually the pizzeria will place those toppings on top of the cheese and below the sauce so that the tomato sauce shines as the main character.

If you have never had a tomato pie before, Aston is a great place to try an authentic, Philly-style tomato pie. It is unlike other pizza styles because it melts in your mouth and there is much less cheese. It is perfect for tomato lovers!

Best Delivery Pizza in Aston

If you are looking for the best pizzeria with delivery in Aston, then you should check out Mel’s Pizza Eatery. Mel’s Pizza Eatery is home to traditional pizza favorites like Sicilian, cheese, and the reigning favorite here: tomato pies! They also have a wide variety of specialty pizzas such as cheesesteak pizza, bacon, tomato, ranch pizza, and taco pizza. Additionally, they have veggie pizzas for vegetarians.

Appetizers, side dishes, and other fixings are also on the menu if you are craving other local delights. Some of those favorites are fried pickles, cheesesteak egg rolls, and loaded fries. If fried food is not your go-to, then check out their fresh salads!

They have a quick delivery time, depending on your location of course, but typically deliver within 20-35 minutes of your order. To order, you can either call and speak to a friendly staff member or order online for convenience.

Best Takeout Pizza in Aston

Looking for takeout instead of delivery? We have you covered. In Aston, the best takeout pizzeria is Manbrosos’s To Go. They have all the classic pizzas, specialty pizzas, appetizers, and strombolis! If you like fried food, definitely look at their starters which include cheese fries, jalapeno poppers, and so much more.

If you are into specialty pizzas, try out the loaded fry pizza which is mozzarella and cheddar cheese, bacon, french fries, and tomato sauce. If classics are more your style, give their version of the tomato pie a try! They call it the upside-down provolone pizza. Instead of mozzarella cheese on the pizza, it is - you guessed it - provolone!

The wait time here is only 15-30 minutes, so you can either walk in and order for takeout or call ahead and have your food ready when you arrive. Additionally, they offer online ordering for your convenience.

Best Pizza Near Aston


Little Anthony's is an authentic pizzeria in the heart of Media Pennsylvania, about 15 minutes outside of Aston. Their motto is, "You know we are authentic because, unlike other pizza shops, we do ours with an Italian accent!"

The pizza is as authentic as the accents! They offer plenty of variety in their pizzas, from gourmet white pies to seafood pizza, to Sicilian pies. They have something for every type of pizza lover to walk through their door.

Logan Township

If, for some reason, you find yourself near the New Jersey and Pennsylvania border and craving pizza, then head over to Papa Luigi's Pizza in Logan Township, New Jersey. Only 15 minutes away from Aston, their friendly staff serves up hot and fresh pizzas and other tasty Italian side dishes like garlic knots and onion rings. Plus they offer delivery, takeout, and dine-in options. You can order online or via phone for both takeout and delivery.


In Thorton you can find a restaurant that is so popular, it is recommended you call ahead hours before ordering takeout or coming in for dine-in. This pizzeria is called Ravanesi Pizzeria Napoletana. They are a beautiful establishment with artisanal, fresh, and traditional Italian ingredients.

Additional toppings to their delicious pizzas include wood-roasted peppers and onions, spicy soppressata, and arugula. They also offer sweet dessert pizzas topped with Nutella, powdered sugar, and drizzled with fresh, homemade strawberry puree.


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