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The best pizza in Chalfont: a local guide

Pizza came to the United States with Italian immigration. Although there are several regional variations of pizza in many parts of the USA, you will find authentic Italian pizza styles maintaining the historical position in many cities. Chalfont, a borough in Buck County, is one of them. Chalfont has a long and rich developmental history, and Lenni Lenape Indians settled this town. Simon Butler is the prominent, influential personality in the history of Chalfont, since he built the Butler Mill, Butler Pike, and a good road network. This made the city a convenient stop for tourists. But real recognition came to Chalfont with the construction of the railway station. The import and export of goods became more manageable with this facility and this brought economic and cultural growth to the town. People started to move to this city for better earning opportunities, and a big part of them were Italian immigrants. This is why you will find the Italian culture dominating the culinary map of Pennsylvania.

Chalfont is Known for Sicilian Pizza

Like the other parts of Pennsylvania, Chalfont has many Italian immigrants. This is why you will find Italian-style pizza dominating the menu in every town's pizza joint. It will be a modified version if it is not an authentic Italian style. Like Altoona Style Pizza, this was created in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and Sicilian style pizza dough is the definitive characteristic of this pizza. Likewise, Sicilian Style pizzas are pretty famous in Chalfont. This style was originated in Sicily, Italy. Traditionally, this pizza has a thick crust and rectangular shape, but it can be baked in a round shape as well. The typical toppings include tomato, herbs, onions, and anchovies. The original Sicilian pizza did not contain mozzarella cheese. Still, when Italians came to the States, they had access to cheese, so they started layering up their Sicilian pizzas with heavy layers of cheese. Other than the Sicilian style, you will also find thin-crust pizza popular among the people of Chalfont.

Best Delivery Pizza in Chalfont

Tu Casa Restaurant is unreservedly the best pizzeria for the most authentic Italian and Mexican cuisine in Chalfont. Other than pizza, Nachos Rancheros, Pollo A La Plancha Burrito, and Cheesesteak Sandwiches are popular items. Their comprehensive menu and friendliness of the staff make ordering for delivery and takeout hassle-free. They provide free home delivery and takeout options to their customers. You can find Brooklyn Square Thin Pizza and thick crust pizza varieties at this pizzeria. With the option of creating your pizza, the choices are unlimited. Moreover, Capri pizza topped with whole milk mozzarella cheese, tomato, broccoli, and fresh garlic is another delectable item on the menu. For the herbivores, they offer vegetarian-friendly options. Their Cheese Steak Pizza with fresh steaks and American cheese and sauce has gathered a lot of praise from food lovers. You can try ordering through Slice for efficient services.

Best Takeout Pizza in Chalfont

Located at Limekiln Pike, Lucas Pizza is the best pizza spot for people looking for the best takeout services in Chalfont. With their comprehensive pizza menu, there is something for everyone in it. Whether you are a veggie or a meat lover, thick crust or thin crust, you will find all the variations in this pizzeria. Like many New York pizza joints, you can have pizza by the slice or a whole pizza. Their gourmet pizzas and Sicilian pizzas are the hallmarks of the town. Other than pizza, you can find several mouthwatering Italian dishes on the menu, such as Stromboli, Calzones, Pasta, and more. They never compromise quality and taste, whether the order is for dine-in or delivery. Veggie pizza and gluten-free pizza are on their special menu. Order your food through Slice for the best services.

Best Pizza Near Chalfont


This suburb of Pennsylvania is five miles from Chalfont. This town is pretty famous for its freight railway station. The population of this town mainly consists of young professionals and families, so there is a trend of dining out in the city. There are some restaurant choices, but when you are looking for a pizzeria, Franks Pizza is the best spot. Like the other parts of the county, Sicilian pizza dominates this pizzeria. But besides this, you will find Frank's Special pizza, meat lover pizza, and white pizza equally famous among the people of Lansdale.


In the southeast direction of Chalfont is the city of Horsham. This township has a diverse business community. In 2011, it was considered the 31st best place to live in the USA. According to the tenants, Pizza Plaza of Horsham is considered the best place for this Italian staple. With their comprehensive pizza menu, you will find something according to your mood and desire. You can place your order through Slice, whether it's a takeout or a delivery order.


Norristown is a small city in Pennsylvania. Spanky & Louches Pizzeria Restaurant is the best place to enjoy the warm and scrumptious Italian Delicacies. You have a choice of building your masterpiece, but if you want to go with the menu, you can try one of the items from their Signature Pizza. Besides pizza, their Deli Style Cold Sandwiches are also very appetizing. You can place your order through Slice for this Pizzeria.

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