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The best pizza in Chambersburg: a local guide

Chambersburg, the county seat of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, is a large and diverse community that still maintains a small-town quality of life. Chambersburg is a predominantly farming community with a significant history. It also has manufacturing industries focusing on food, metals, and machinery.

Though about 90% of Italian immigrants in the United States settled in major cities like New York and Los Angeles, many Italians moved to Pennsylvania looking for jobs. Between 1890 to 1960, Pennsylvania had the second highest Italian immigrant population in the U.S. The Italians helped develop the community, city, and the state in general in different sectors, including food, politics, and education.

​Old Forge might be over 300 miles away from Chambersburg, but its pizza style is very significant in Chambersburg. The small borough about 75 miles north of the Lehigh Valley is home to the Old-Forge pizza style, dating as far back as 1967.

Chambersburg is Known for Old Forge-style Pizza

One of the main reasons pizza from Pennsylvania is up there with the best in the country is because of its second-to-none reputation. Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a delicious pie from an elite pizza spot. And, how lucky are you if you live in a state with so many wonderful options.

According to residents, Old Forge, Pennsylvania, is “The Pizza Capital of the World”. Often compared to Sicilian pizza, Old Forge pizza features a light, crispy and chewy crust. There are two types of Old Forge pizza - white and red. Red pizza is a traditional regular crust topped with cheese and tomato sauce. The white pizza has a double crust with oozing cheese and rosemary toppings. In this style, the sauce is usually loaded with onions, and cheese options range from Parmesan to cheddar and mozzarella.

Best Pizza Delivery in Chambersburg

Benny's Italian Restaurant, a family-friendly pizzeria located on Lincoln Way, is the perfect place to enjoy some of the best Chambersburg pies you could ever imagine tasting. They make their pies super crispy because they cook them in a wood-fired oven. Their pies have the most wonderful bases, perfectly chewy and crispy crusts, as well as the freshest toppings available. At Benny’s Italian Restaurant, they pride themselves on sourcing fresh ingredients to top every pizza. What more could you possibly want from a pizza?

A highlight is the Pizza Margherite brushed with olive oil and garlic, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. You will surely savor every single bite. Benny’s knows not to ruin their already perfect reputation, so you will find tons of selection on their menu. The pizzas are tasty, hand-tossed, and are the perfect pies you’d want to share with your loved ones. In addition to their wonderful pizzas, they also have strombolis, hot subs, and salads.

Best Pizza Takeout in Chambersburg

Brother's Pizza Chambersburg is where to go when you want a classic Italian pie. Their pizzas are super authentic and stick to the principles of Italian cooking so tightly that you feel like you’ve ordered your delivery from a restaurant in Palermo or Naples. This low-key pizzeria does Sicilian Cheese Pizza and Margherita Pizza, thin-crust pies, and so much more. Creamy mozzarella, doughy crusts, and rich tomato sauce combine perfectly at Brother's Pizza Chambersburg.

The menu is nicely priced, and the service at Brother’s Pizza is always excellent. Every pizza is freshly cooked, and this restaurant is all about the simplistic beauty of the toppings and lots and lots of flavor. Feel free to customize your pizza with tasty toppings like ranch dressing, broccoli, bacon, and olives. You can also opt for red or white sauce. They also serve items to complement your pizza, such as subs, burgers, and wraps.

Best Pizza Near Chambersburg


A little over ten miles from Chambersburg, Greencastle is one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. Brother's Pizza Greencastle serves classic specialty pies with crispy bases. If you can’t choose which delicious pizzas to go with, go with the Chicken Ranch & Bacon Pizza; it has grilled chicken, mozzarella, and bacon. It’s all about simplicity and deliciousness at Brother's Pizza Greencastle.


About 15 miles from Chambersburg, Waynesboro is a small town with attractive parks, shops, and restaurants. Toledo's Pizza is the real deal for great pizza in Chambersburg. They have their own secret dough and sauce recipe that they make fresh daily with only the finest ingredients. With a great menu and exceptional service, Toledo's Pizza is the best place to have a good time with friends and family in Waynesboro.


Shippensburg is a friendly and attractive college town in Cumberland and Franklin counties. It is home to Shippensburg University as well as upscale restaurants and shops. Alfredo's Pizza is a family-friendly restaurant serving the best pizza and other side dishes using the freshest ingredients. They specialize in brick oven pizza with creative toppings. Their pies are some of the best you will ever taste. Make them your food stop in Shippensburg.

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