Top Pizza Restaurants in Drexel Hill, PA Near You

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The best pizza in Drexel Hill: a local guide

Sicilian pizza is known for being thick, square, and cut into rectangular slices. This is very different from the hand-tossed New York pies that many people are used to. The Sicilian has a sponge-like crust, which absorbs the taste of the toppings and sauce, making it really delicious.

The pie is baked in a square tray and uses fresh ingredients. Since it’s prepared in a pan, you get a naturally thicker, pillowy crust. Many people appreciate these unique, tasty features of a classic Sicilian. However, American variants can have thinner crusts than the authentic versions.

The recipe for this pie came to New York after returning WWII soldiers came from Italy with a craving for pizza. The new dish quickly became a trend, spreading across the country. Today, you can find it just about anywhere in America.

Overall, we’re sure that you’ll love the spongy dough that this pizza type uses. It’s always chewy and quite delicious! You can find it in plenty of pizzerias around town.

Best Delivery Pizza in Drexel Hill

Are you already feeling really hungry? You’ll want to place an order with Burmon Pizza & Grill. They have some of the best pies around and always bring out your food really quickly. You’re sure to receive it much sooner than you expect!

They’re open very late into the night, so many people in the area use them for pizza nights at home. You always receive your order hot and ready to eat. It’s always delicious too! The staff are very prompt with your order and work to make sure that your meal is exactly how you want it.

The locals recommend that you also try their sides- there’s plenty for you to pick from! You’re sure to enjoy their sandwiches and salads too. There’s truly something for everyone to enjoy at this location.

Overall, the staff take a lot of care and pride in what they do. You’re sure to enjoy every bite of the delicious food that they make for you!

Best Takeout Pizza in Drexel Hill

Fourno Pizza & Grill is the best place in town for ordering pizza takeout. They have plenty of quick options, allowing you to get your food as soon as possible. If you want to enjoy a hot meal on your break at work, then this is the best option. When you order ahead with us, you’re sure to receive your food in a timely manner.

Their sauce is delicious and there are plenty of pies their regulars recommend. You should try their bread bites and pastas as well- they’re some of the most popular menu items. Overall, there’s a variety of great dishes at this location.

In short, this place is one of the best for ordering takeout. They have amazing staff, cooks, and more preparing delicious meals. You get all of your food in no time at all, making them the perfect place for when you’re in a pinch for dinner.

Best Pizza Near Drexel Hill


There are many amazing places to grab a slice in Philly. You’re sure to have plenty of wonderful choices. We recommend eating at the Pizzeria Beddia. They have some of the best pies around, which attract pizza enthusiasts from all over.


Robert’s Pizzeria has plenty of delicious flavors for you to enjoy. They’re on campus and many college students eat there often. You’re sure to enjoy the classic tastes they have to offer.


If you’re in the area, make sure that you order from Sciarrino’s Pizzeria. The staff there are extremely friendly and put a lot of care into making your order. You’re sure to love the cheese, sauce, dough, and toppings they use as well.

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