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The best pizza in Elizabethtown: a local guide

It does not matter what anyone says; Elizabethtown is a great pizza town now. Apart from its classic restaurants that have been tossing delicious pies for decades, there are also modern upscale pizza restaurants that have developed their own pizza recipes and also evolved some traditional recipes from different parts of the world. From Sicilian to Neapolitan to New York-style pies, Elizabethtown is home to some of the best pizzas in Pennsylvania. Just like its ancestor, the Neapolitan pizza, pizza lovers say that you must cook it in a coal or wood-fired oven for a New York-style pizza to be genuinely authentic. However, due to evolution, many pizza restaurants in Elizabethtown can use gas deck ovens for cooking up crispy and delicious New York-style pies. New York-style pizzas in Elizabethtown are typically sold by the slice and are foldable in half. New York-style pizza toppings vary from the classic pepperoni and sausage to garlic powder and grated parmesan cheese.

Best Pizza Delivery in Elizabethtown

PizzAtown is a family-friendly pizza spot that easily serves up some of the best pizzas in Elizabethtown. Hand-tossed New York-style pizza is what PizzAtown is all about. Their pies are truly delicious and perfectly proportioned for a tasty treat. Some locals in the area will even argue that this pizza is even better than what you’d find in the streets of Italy or New York City. At PizzAtown, what appears to be a simple slice is actually a flavorful dish made with the best ingredients and full of fantastic toppings. PizzAtown is very innovative with toppings and encourages you to be as well. They serve pizzas such as the PizzAtown Special Pizza topped with pepperoni, plus Italian sausage and green peppers. You can also venture out to try the rest of their side dishes; they’re just as mouthwatering as the pizza. You surely won’t regret it.

Best Pizza Takeout in Elizabethtown

When you’re craving a delicious pie but also want a nice place to relax and enjoy the evening, stop by Carini Pizza. The eatery is upscale with perfectly classic pizza as well as unique options. Whether you dine in or get takeout, just one slice will make you a lifelong customer. Carini Pizza offers traditional New York-style pizza hand-tossed in the best conditions to ensure a bubbly crust. Many of their ingredients are locally sourced, adding to the wonderfully authentic experience. At Carini Pizza, you’ll find a wonderful kid’s menu, sandwiches served on a homemade roll, and the most decadent tiramisu. Simply put, Carini Pizza is one of the best pizza restaurants in Elizabethtown. But, pizza preference is something you have to decide for yourself. If the pizza doesn’t grab you at Carini Pizza, their excellent service, affordable prices, and the efficient takeout process will.

Best Pizza Near Elizabethtown


Four miles from Elizabethtown, Middletown is a very historical town with diverse architectural styles. When you’re driving through Middletown, you simply can’t pass up the opportunity to grab a slice or two at Tony’s Pizzeria. The staff is fully committed to providing diners with quality in both their food and service. Tony’s offers both thin-crust and Sicilian pizza options as well as Neapolitan and deep-dish pizza. Suffice it to say; they have every pizza style you could want!


For many Americans, the name “Hershey” means chocolate, thanks to the community’s history and legacy of chocolate production. However, this does not stop Hershey from being home to some of the best pizza restaurants in the area. Palermo’s Pizza of Hershey serves up New York-style pizzas and classic Italian dishes in a cozy setting for diners to enjoy. They are committed to providing nothing short of the best quality, hand-making their dough fresh daily from scratch.


Around ten miles from Elizabethtown, Columbia is a historic town in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania home to the headquarters of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. The perfect example of Columbia’s wood-fired pizza renaissance, Level Up Pizza Bar & Grill serves up truly delicious pies with the perfect balance of dough and crispiness. Why not try the plain Sicilian cheese pizza? It’s topped with tomato sauce as well as mozzarella and basil.

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