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The best pizza in Elkins Park: a local guide

This is a really nice location that offers a lot of history that you can enjoy as well as amazing food and culture to those who live there or who are visiting. This is a very old town that has been around for many years and you will be able to get amazing pizza here because there are many locations that offer authentic recipes and that are family-owned. You will get excellent thin-crust pizza here as well as White pizza and Italian and Sicilian slices that are hard to come by anywhere else.

This area hosts the Taste of Greece festival each year because there is a large Greek population in the area as well. You will get the best cuisine of many cultures here and you will be glad that you have chosen this location for your trip or to stop in for a meal.

Elkins Park is Known for thin crust Pizza

This area is well-known for thin crust pizza. You can get Sicilian slices and Italian pies here with ease and these authentic pies will make you think that you have traveled to Italy as soon as you take a bite. This area is also known for upside-down pizzas which is a fun local variant that is quite delicious and unique. Thin and crispy crusts are available on every menu and you will enjoy well-crafted and excellent pizzas of all types if you do not want to have these classic pies.

Elkins Park offers fusion pizza styles as well and the BBQ offerings that are sold in many parts of PA are available here too. This is a great place for pizza of all kinds and you will enjoy everything that you order here no matter where you decide to sit down or get delivery. This is a great place for delicious pizza and you will be happy that you chose this area to enjoy pizza that you would usually have to travel a long distance to enjoy.

Best Delivery Pizza in Elkins Park

Munchy's Pizza & Grill offers great delivery pizza for your needs. You can get an amazing White Pizza here as well as being able to order off an extensive list of gluten-free specialty pizzas. This is a great location for a Greek pizza as well as meat lovers pies and more. You will be able to find something for everyone here and the sides and salads that are on the menu are really excellent as well.

If you have been wanting to try Portuguese Pizza you can also get this unique style here. There is a great balance of pizzas that offer excellent meat toppings here on the menu and veggie options and Greek choices as well. This is one of the most comprehensive menus on offer in this area, and you will never leave hungry when you order your delivery pizza here.

Best Takeout Pizza in Elkins Park

If you love an amazing meat pie or a really traditional Italian Pizza, you need to order your takeout from Trios Tomato Pie. Their Aroma Pizza is excellent, and you can trust them to craft thin crust pizza that is delicious, crunchy, and crispy. You will get access to all of the right Italian toppings when you order from this location, and you will love how extensive their menu is. If you love a White pizza, you can get this kind of pizza here, and you might also get to enjoy a delicious BBQ Pizza.

This menu also offers lots of great salads, and you can order calzones off their menu as well as pizzas. There is no wrong way to enjoy the flavor offerings that you can access here, and you will be so glad that you got your takeout from this location when you see how many great pizza staples you can choose from.

Best Pizza Near Elkins Park

Pittsburgh, PA

Pizza Parma Shadyside is a great location for Greek and Italian Pizzas as well as Sicilian slices. You can get everything from a Garden Pizza to a BBQ pizza here, and you will love how delicious the crust is on each pie. Add appetizers, soups, and more to your order here and feed a whole group with ease. You will enjoy a varied menu with quality pizza styles on it that everyone will enjoy. You can have calzones and salads here as well, which makes for a really great eating experience.

Allison Park, PA

Milano’s Pizza offers a really great gluten-free pizza pie, or you can get a traditional Sicilian pizza here as well. Their White pizza and their pasta-inspired pies are excellent, and you can enjoy a really great Prosciutto Pizza as well. They offer cheese fries and other perfect pub food sides here, and you can add a salad or a calzone to your order with ease as well. This is an excellent place for sit-down meals, takeout, and more!

Russeltown, PA

Fox’s Pizza Den offers delicious dessert pies like their cookie pie, and you can get an excellent taco pizza or Hawaiian pizza here as well. This location offers great specials and unique fusion pies, and you can trust them for filling pies that will feed a large group without trouble. You can get strombolis here as well as salads, and you will be able to find the perfect pizza or side for your needs or for someone in your party who does not want to eat a pizza slice when you are looking to order dinner or lunch.

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