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Glenside in Pennsylvania was founded by a group of British settlers sometime in the 1680s. One of those early settlers also established the first corn mill there which initiated the community's growth from hamlet to town. It was almost two hundred years later when the railway arrived in Glenside and instigated another spurt of residential development. The town's main industry remained that of milling though and more gristmills were constructed to cope with the high demand. Glenside's rural location and evident tranquility made it attractive to city dwellers seeking a more countrified life. As land prices were low they were able to purchase large plots to build mansions on, many of which are listed as National Historic Places today. The apparent wealth of the area and the growing population attracted Italian migrants to Glenside. Those who didn't go to work on the farms or in the mills opened up pizzerias and made pizza an everyday item on their menus.

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Glenside in Pennsylvania is known for thin crust pizza

You might expect Glenside to be known for Philly-style pizza with it being in such close proximity to Philadelphia, but it's not. Glenside is known for thin crust pizzas and they're not just any old thin crusts either. Gourmet reigns supreme on the menus of the pizzerias in Glenside so don't expect to get an ordinary, everyday, run of the mill pizza there. More or less all of the pizzerias in Glenside bake gourmet thin crust pies with a superb selection of topping combinations. You'll also find one of two that vary their dough base thickness, bake Sicilian-style or stuffed, strombolis or calzones and also change mozzarella for Wisconsin Colby cheese on occasion. It's all a matter of taste and finding what appetizes you most in the moment. It's worth shopping around, browsing through menus or eating pizza a couple of times a week until you come across the one pie or pizzeria that truly blows your taste buds away.

Best delivery pizza in Glenside, Pennsylvania

If you like to get your money's worth when you get a delivery pie, try one from Apollo's Pizza on South Easton Road. Not only do they make the best delivery pizza in Glenside, they usually have some sort of offer on that means you can get extra food or a bottle of soda thrown in for free depending on the day of the week. Apollo Pizza has the end premises in a row of stores that has a sleek, monochrome appearance externally that's continued inside with black furnishings and white painted walls. It's small, not overly cozy, but they're on the ball and ready to send out your pizza as soon as you order it. Apollo's has a wide range of tempting gourmet and specialty pies that will have you returning time and time again. Try their Louisiana or Special Combo and you'll definitely be back for more.

Best takeout pizza in Glenside, Pennsylvania

Treat yourself to the best take-out pizza in Glenside by going to Luigi's Pizza and Pasta on Mount Carmel Avenue. It's a pizzeria that has a very basic and subdued appearance externally until it's dark and the lights come on, then it looks like the proverbial Italian Christmas tree. They're a friendly crew at Luigi's so you can expect a warm welcome from the counter staff before they get down to business and pass your order through to the kitchen. There's no artwork or photographs on the walls there, so for entertainment while you wait you'll need to look out of the window and watch the traffic passing. Pies don't take long to cook at Apollo's so you won't be counting cars for long before you're walking out with a Chicken Cacciatore or a Paradise pizza that has been drizzled with basil pesto in true Italian style.

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Help the youngsters in the family discover all about the local farm life by making a thirteen-mile trip along the PA-73 from Glenside to Worcester. There you can visit the Merrymead Farm where they can feed animals like cows, donkeys, and goats, pick fruit and enjoy an ice cream made from fresh cream. Add a history lesson to the outing by popping in at the Peter Wentz Farmstead before taking them for a hike through the woods in the Evansburg State Park followed by a pie at Bravo Pizza on West Skippack Pike.


If your kids are full of over-exuberant energy and you need a way to help them burn it off, try going to Westbury. Westbury is a town six miles north of Glenside and where you'll find the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. The activities are all indoors so it doesn't matter what the weather does, they'll still be able to enjoy bouncing around on the trampolines, having a go-kart race, or trying wind tunnel skydiving for the first time. After they're totally exhausted, take them for a pizza at Guiseppe's Family Restaurant on North York Road.


If your kids are into drawing fortresses with turrets and battlements, you'll really inspire their imagination if you take them to Doylestown. Doylestown is around twenty miles north of Glenside and while there, you'll be able to take them to the Kids Castle Central Park where they can let loose on the castle-like installations before you take them to see Fonthill Castle and visit the museum there. Feed them a pizza from Spuntino's on South Main Street and they'll end the day as very happy kids.


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